Emergency Food Kits and 3 Other Cold Weather Survival Essentials

It seems that the wide range of potential emergencies is constantly evolving. You need to be ready to keep your family safe year-round. Cold weather poses unique challenges. That’s why it’s crucial to stock up on emergency food kits and other survival essentials before the winter.

Have you thought about what you would do if the power went out for a prolonged period? How would you protect your family from the cold? What about the potential damage from hazards like frozen and burst pipes? You must plan and prioritize before you find yourself in a crisis.

Prepare for a cold-weather survival situation with this list of essentials today.

Emergency Food Kits

The first thing you need to do in a crisis is secure enough food and water for your family to survive. You don’t want to make a frantic trip to the grocery store. Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything you need already tucked away at home?

Start your winter emergency preparation by shopping for quality, long-lasting emergency food kits. Make sure you get plenty of tasty meals. You want to have food that’s easy to prepare. After all, you don’t know whether you can count on your appliances during a crisis.

It’s wise to choose emergency food kits that last up to 25 years under proper storage conditions. It’s even better to find emergency food kits that come in a convenient, durable plastic container.

Solar Generator

If the power goes out, you won’t be able to use your appliances for cooking, washing, and food storage. What if someone in your family relies on a medical device like oxygen or a CPAP machine? How will you power that device without electricity?

A solar generator is the best way to become more self-reliant. This type of generator charges your devices using energy from the sun. It’s silent and emits no dangerous fumes, so it’s safe to use indoors. There’s no better tool for reducing your dependence on the grid.

Find a quality solar generator that comes with solar panels included. You can keep it charged, so it’s ready during an emergency. Plus, you could even get a mini solar generator to keep in your RV or vehicle.

Solar Cooker

You shouldn’t count on utility service to survive a crisis. Instead, you need alternate means of cooking. Make sure your family gets the tasty food they need. Use a solar cooker to persevere through a long-term emergency.

A solar cooker does not depend on batteries or electrical outlets. It runs without noise or fumes, so it’s safe to use indoors. Solar cookers also don’t use fuel or flames. They boil water in just minutes using energy from the sun.

A quality solar cooker is perfect for purifying water for cooking or first aid. It’s ideal for preparing your emergency food kits. It’s even a versatile tool for everyday activities like camping or tailgating.

Solar Power Bank

Protecting your family means maintaining contact with them. During an emergency, you also need a reliable way to call for help and receive important updates. Your phone and other communication devices are only as good as their batteries.

The best way to keep your vital communication devices charged is with a solar power bank. Shop for a portable power bank. You want it to fit in your pocket so you can use it on the go. Get a solar power bank for each family member to keep their phones and USB devices charged when the power is out.

About 4Patriots

Emergencies can happen at any time. Providing for your family to keep them safe and prepared is your top priority. All you need is the right gear. 4Patriots has all the products to help keep you and your family safe when you need it most. 4Patriots builds their survival gear to stand up to the test when disaster strikes. Keep devices running with a solar generator or solar powered cell phone charger. Help your family stay fed with survival food kits. Light the way with a solar powered flashlight. People across the country trust 4Patriots to stay ready for anything. If you value freedom and self-reliance, 4Patriots has the survival gear for you.

Get all your cold-weather survival essentials from 4Patriots at

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