Eurythmy Therapy: How Can It Help You?

There are different types of therapies that you might have heard about. But do you know about eurythmy therapy? Eurythmy type of therapy is a movement therapy that simply harmonizes the whole human being by simply balancing your physical body with your overall life forces and soul forces.  

Moreover, you should know that eurythmy type of therapy has been successfully and fondly practiced for more than 80 years. Its application is extensively use for many indication from small children to even senior citizen. It is continually utilize, research, develop as well as scientifically document. Of course, if you want, you can always try it out and you may feel greatness!

Work of therapy of eurythmy  

In perfect health, all force on the physical, soul, and spiritual level are balance. In case there is any sort of a disturbance on any one of those levels, difficulties or even an illness can arise. Specific eurythmy type of therapy exercises can bring these levels of your being into a healthy state. Into that of balance again. One actively participates in the healing process via doing movement exercises. Just as you are able to express your inner feelings through outer gesture and that of mimic, you can also work through eurythmy type of therapy from the outside into the body and soul. Sounds and gestures stand in relation to formative processes in your organism. In eurythmy, the sound of speech and other aspect of your language have been transform into gesture and movement. Specific sound gesture, sequence, and exercise are given to that individual by a physician.

Use of eurythmy type of therapy in a medical practice 

Eurythmy is the type of therapy that treats the entire human being, it is a movement therapy that actually works with the patient as a living, mental or emotional, and spiritual entity. Eurythmy got develop from the observation of movement that can actually be perceive in human speech. Each vowel and consonant has its own type of movement: in eurythmy therapy, the resonance, articulation, and overall dynamic shape ordinarily perform by simply the speech organization (larynx, that of respiration, speech organs) get taken up by the human musculoskeletal system and perceptibly expressed by the whole organism. Specific sound gestures, sequences, and exercises are given to that individual by a physician.

Moreover, you know such movements of the body are a transformation of the functional movements of speech as well as sound. These are related to physiological processes. Via movement, therefore, you create a connection between external movement and that of the body’s internal, functional life processes. The specific movement sequence corresponding to that of each sound can also be therapeutically adjusted for the overall individual patient. Its effect starts at the somatic as well as functional level but additionally includes emotional, psychosocial, and cognitive levels. Eurythmy type of therapy is an independent therapeutic method inside anthroposophical medicine.


To sum up, you can check out curative eurythmy exercises and ensure that you give it a try for your own good. You would find it really wonderful.

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