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Expert Tips from a Family Dentist for A Healthier Smile

Although many parents regularly supervise their children to clean their teeth daily, kids also require expert dental care from a dentist in Chandler. There are other guidelines parents may follow to assure their children’s teeth are strong, in addition to seeing a specialist for pediatric dental treatment. As a family dentistry practice in Chandler, we recommend that you follow the expert tips below to maintain good dental health:

#1 – Drink more water

We should realize the necessity of regulating saliva production. Drinking lots of water is critical for avoiding dry mouth, a common ailment that causes foul breath and increases your risk of abscesses, infections, and periodontitis.

#2 – Consume a mouth-friendly diet

We are comprehensive family dentists in Chandler, Arizona, and we take our responsibilities seriously. When clients visit our dental office, we spend time talking about their nutrition and pointing out which foods may be harmful to their teeth. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables but lemons and citrus fruits should be consumed in moderation because the acid in them can damage your teeth.

#3 – Replace your toothbrush

When you visit a Chandler family dentist, you’re likely to receive a soft bristle brush to take back home. It’s necessary to replace your toothbrushes as soon as they begin to stink, appear soiled, or the bristles tear. This could occur around the three-month mark, although everyone’s situation is different. Keeping track of this will help you avoid germs re-entering your teeth.

#4 – Use the 2-2 rule as a guideline

Brush your teeth for 2 minutes at least two times a day. The two-minute rule is merely a suggestion; nonetheless, at Peace of Mind Dental Studio, we advise clients to examine their teeth to see if they appear unclean. If that’s the case, you can brush for a little longer.

#5 – Move plaque away from your gums

When brushing your teeth, be sure to brush away from your gums and towards the center of your mouth. This will prevent plaque from building up on your gums.

#6 – Floss daily and correctly

Top family dentistry practice in Chandler always teaches patients how to floss their teeth. People frequently hold back from flossing around the gums; however, this is a misconception. The plaque will form farther inside, so floss down your gum line close to the teeth.

#7 – Try dental sealant

Dental sealants are commonly applied by Chandler dentists to reduce the chances of patients getting cavities. It can help prevent food from getting stuck between your teeth and plaque or to create a barrier between your teeth and the food you eat.

#8 – Have your teeth cleaned twice a year

We suggest that you take your entire family to your local dental office for bi-annual teeth cleaning. Plaque and bacteria can be removed during this procedure, reducing the chances of you or your child developing cavities.

#9 – Wear a nightguard

By grinding your teeth at night, you can damage your restorations or cause them to break. The goal of our preventative dental practice is to reduce the risk of teeth damage. Nightguard prevents grinding and clenching effectively.

#10 – Use a mouthguard when playing sports

We will be able to give you information regarding mouth guards if you visit our integrative dentistry office. A sports mouthguard is a fantastic way to keep your teeth protected and prevent sports-related injuries.

Treatment at a family dentist

As a family dentistry practice, we offer various treatment options for children and adults. As a first step, we understand that family schedules can be challenging and that back-to-back appointments can be challenging. The dentist will be able to see all the family members on the same day instead of in several appointments over a few days.

Helping people understand the differences between how the body fights infections and how medicines work is one of our passions. Many people believe antibiotics are super medicines. Antibiotics can only help reduce the imbalance between the body’s immune system and infection, but they are not intended to cure disease. We recommend antibiotics only if necessary. Then the body will be able to treat the infection with its antibodies, learning the genetic code of the infection and preparing itself to deal with it in the future.

We provide expert dental treatment to reduce the spread of diseases and may continue to do so with regular dental checks at least once every six months. We treat adult patients and kids to ensure that everyone in the family is well. More often than not, youngsters do not receive the finest dental care instruction and gain poor attitudes around it. We will assist younger patients in developing healthy and good attitudes toward dental checkups and home oral hygiene routines.

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