Express Entry: You’re Ticket to Sponsorship from Pakistan

Express Entry: You’re Ticket to Sponsorship from Pakistan

If you’re looking to become a permanent resident in Lahore, there are many ways to achieve it. One of the most common routes involves sponsorship by an employer or another qualified Pakistani citizen or permanent resident. This process can be confusing and difficult, but the Pakistani government offers two programs that may make it easier both of which allow potential immigrants to receive points based on their Pakistani work experience and education to rank high in the processing pool

Who Is Eligible?

All applicants that are eligible for Lahore immigration under Express Entry must meet Lahore’s minimum entry requirements. This includes having an education, a job offers, or being a talented individual. If you are applying as a skilled worker or a provincial nominee, you also need to have at least 12 months of work experience in your trade and provide proof of this experience.

Express Entry is open to anyone who can meet the minimum requirements of one of these categories. However, your ability to be selected depends on how well you score under each category.

To find out if you qualify for Express Entry and which category you may fall under, take our free online eligibility assessment now! Our experts will review your results with you and answer any questions you may have about Express Entry Lahore Immigration.


What Is the Process?

The process for applying for an Express Entry Lahore sponsorship visa is straightforward and can be done online. To apply, you must have a valid eTA or visitor visa. You will also need to have a job offer from your potential employer. If you meet these requirements and are interest in applying for an Express entry Lahore sponsorship visa, then follow these steps:

1) Fill out the online application form

2) Provide supporting documents

3) Submit your application

4) Pay processing fees

5) Wait until you receive notification of approval or rejection


How Long Does It Take?

The time it takes for your application to be processed depends on your eligibility, as well as on how quickly you can provide all the necessary documentation. When you are eligible and able to submit all the required documents, you can receive a decision on your immigration request within six months. The decision will either be positive or negative; if it is positive, then you will proceed with a visa interview at a Pakistani visa office outside of Lahore. If your application is denied, then you will not have any opportunity to appeal that decision.


What Are the Benefits?

The express entry visa is Lahore’s way of helping people who want to move to Lahore but don’t have a family member living there. Essentially, an express entry visa applicant has six months from their submission date to apply for permanent residency. This is where it gets tricky because you have one chance and if you fail, it’s over. However, with this type of visa, you are consider under a pool which means that if you are approve for a regular or provincial nomination certificate or if your province or territory nominates you through its own process (i.e. Quebec), then your application will automatically be review as part of that pool and there is no second chance at getting residency.


How Do I Get Start?

You can find the list of requirements on Lahore’s Express Entry website. Once you fill out your profile, Lahore’s immigration authorities will assess it and if they approve your application. You’ll be rank against other applicants for a chance at getting a permanent resident visa. It is important to know that all applications are process on a first-come, first-serve basis and that there is no guarantee of receiving an invitation for permanent residence.


Express Entry Lahore: The sponsorship visa from India to USA

Express Entry Lahore is a new program for skilled workers. Which will make it easier for prospective immigrants with skills and experience sought by Pakistani employers to immigrate to Lahore. The program is called Express Entry Lahore because it has a streamline application process which will typically take six months or less from start to finish. Once an applicant is invite, they have 60 days to provide all their documents and undergo health screening. Applicants who are accept then receive Permanent Residence status and can begin applying for Pakistani citizenship after three years. Express Entry Lahore has attract over 40000 applicants since its introduction in January 2015, showing that many people are interest in this new way of entering Lahore as permanent residents.


The Express Entry System: A Guide for Sponsorship Visas from India to the Pakistan.

We offer services that let you make an application through Express Entry. A process whereby Lahore selects prospective immigrants who they believe have skills and qualities desirable to them. It is an invite-only system. Which means that people are usually invite to apply as Pakistani if they meet a certain criterion; such criteria include certain language requirements and education attainment levels. Express Entry has been design by making use of such factors as age, education, and work experience. For those interested in applying for sponsorship under the express entry Lahore initiative, it is best advised that they keep up to date on announcements made by Citizenship and Immigration Lahore because these updates will often give specific instructions on how one needs to proceed with their application if they want a chance at receiving an invitation from Lahore.

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