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Filipinos like using six American streaming services.

Everybody used to have their go-to TV stations back in the day. As a result, everyone today has their preferred streaming service. Some people have strong preferences regarding the streaming service they use. Compared to many other streaming services, the number of individuals in the Philippines is. Who subscribes to HBO Max is staggering.

Many Filipinos living in the United States have strong opinions about which streaming services are best. According to Filipinos, the most popular US-based streaming services will be discussed in this blog post. Brief assessments of these streaming services will also be provided so that you may see what makes each one so well-liked. Since there is only one streaming service that can meet all of your needs, we recommend checking out many.

There are six US-based streaming services that Filipinos enjoy.

#1. YouTube TV Is the Most Easily Accessible Option.

It is one of the most widely available options. YouTube TV will rank well among these services. It has over 85 live TV channels, a must-have for everyone with a smartphone. Those who want to get rid of their cable subscription might also benefit from this service. Checkout to learn more in detail about the US-based streaming service. The base pricing for these channels, cloud DVR space, 4K Plus, and more, is just $65 per month. With an additional financial outlay, premium channels like HBO Max & Showtime become available, rendering cable television obsolete.

#2. Netflix: Number Two in the World

It’s impossible to downplay Netflix’s impact on the streaming industry. Shows from across the United States and the rest of the globe may be found in its extensive archive of content. Accessing regionally restricted content is now as easy as installing a VPN, such as Expressvpn. If you wanted to see Filipino programming, you could subscribe to the South East Asian zone.

Netflix is a terrific alternative for people of various financial means. Because of its tiered pricing structure. With Netflix, you can watch many television shows and movies even if you have little money to spend on streaming because there are lower packages. Netflix offers a great library of shows like Ozark, Stranger Things, Dahmer, Squid Game, Narcos, and many more.

#3. New Media Powerhouse: Disney+

Disney+ is the company’s response to the popularity of streaming video services. It has responded magnificently. In three years, Disney+ has gained almost as huge a global following as Netflix. Disney+ is appealing since it has all our youth’s favorite classic TV series and movies.

Even Disney’s newest offerings aren’t to be sneered at. What with the likes of Soul, Encanto, and Turning Red in the film genre and Iron Man, Avengers, and Thor. And other Marvel films and television series in the television genre.

#4. MHz Selection – Top-Rated International Programming.

It may come as a surprise to find MHz Choice on our list. But the channel features some excellent programming from across the world. There are TV series and movies in South East Asia and the Netherlands, France, and Turkey.

And for those who don’t speak the language, it contains subtitles in clear English. The channel MHz Choice features a wide variety of excellent series. Including Twin, Maigret, The Art of Crime, Cherie, and many more.

#5. ESPN+: A Must-Have for Sports Fans.

The ESPN+ sports library is extensive and features content from worldwide. Unlike other streaming services, Disney’s ESPN+ is reasonably priced at $10 per month. Sports ranging from the US Open to the Premier League, Basketball, UFC and more are covered. Get the Disney+ bundle that includes ESPN+ and Hulu to save money on both services.

#6. A Trustworthy Service: HBO Max.

The material of HBO Max has just been updated, but the service is still very desirable. Because of its extensive collection and promising future additions. The newest installment of House of the Dragon is currently enjoying worldwide success. And HBO Max subscribers can still watch their favorite episodes of West world and many more.

Overall, it’s a dependable streaming service that works well with YouTube TV and is fun for the whole family.


Each of these six US-based streaming services is packed with hours of entertainment due to the wide range of materials and ease of use. These streaming services have become quite popular among the Filipino diaspora. Get your membership now, and consider a VPN service to unblock material outside your country.

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