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Floor Lamps: Designs That Marvel Your Mind

The above-mentioned words of Rumi best fit the context it conveys regarding lamps and human life. Light is vital for human beings, be it for practical purposes, aesthetical reasons, or mental motivation. Beauty is one of the most admirable attributes of light, and the object that reflects it best is floor lamps. Due to its growing popularity and magnetic appeal, its structural designs in it are also modified as it wants to sound relevant to modern requirements. You all might have your own reasons for making the purchase, but the point where all your interests converge is enhancing the look of your room.

People who have a developed taste in style and art could understand how important it is for customers to buy an adequate standing lamp for their home. One shoe can’t fit all as the size of every individual differs. Similarly, one option could not be an excellent choice for all as everyone has different ideas of beauty. Likes or dislikes cloud the rest that remained there. Hence the benefit is in buying the product in a particular structure that tops you with fascination and wonder. Below are given some structural designs you could refer to while being on your shopping spree for a floor-standing lamp.

Curve Floor Lamps

Curve Floor Lamps

If you are a person who loves having unique things, things that are out of the conventional stream of choices, then go on with floor lamps that are in a curved shape. Appearance-wise, the lamp has a modern calling. You could place it around your study table as it flashes light downwards, so it would be conducive to your studies or work. The center of attraction in its structure is its epic curve. This arc catches the random glances of its audience and makes it stuck to it till it fills the eyes with its beauteous impression.

Zig-Zag Flex Lamps

Zig-Zag Flex Lamps

Well, it is not bad to have out-of-the-box thoughts on a thing. Simple and straight structures do not ring much to the people, making such structures boring and flat. If you think you are among them, pick a standing lamp structured in a zig-zag shape without thinking much. The design will be very advantageous in terms of provoking your creativity. The height of this type of lamp could also be adjusted to meet its user’s needs. So a flexible height would allow you more scope to work at ease as to where you are sitting is no longer a problem.

Tripod Floor Lamp

Tripod Floor Lamp

The ever first thought would lead you to photo shoots and photography with a tripod in mind. However, this floor-standing lamp has nothing to do with photography. Its structure gives it a shade of similarity with the tripod stands for holding a camera still and focused. But if you are a passionate photographer, then this lamp could go smooth like butter with the theme of your room centered around your profession for photography. The contemporary style in which its layout is outlined is worth observing.

Tree Floor Lamp

Tree Floor Lamp

Are you an environmentalist? Do you have love stored in any corner of your heart for trees and mother nature? If your answer is yes to both the questions, then a floor lamp online in tree shape is your ticket. It could be your way of manifesting your care for trees. It only takes a thought to identify what structure the lamp is in. Besides an important message, it also represents beauty in its most refined form. The light bulbs systematically set could put anyone speechless at its comely appearance. The lamp’s design would also give you, at times, the feel of a street lamp.

Tower Shelf Lamp

The tower here is not the Eiffel tower of Paris. Here it is pointing out to the structure of shelf floor standing lamp. This lamp is quite extraordinary as it is a bit different from the typical lamps. It has dual utility. It could be used both as a lamp and as a shelf. However, its shelf space could only accommodate small and lightweight materials like an artificial vase and some thin books. These objects under the bright light of the lamp look majestic and magnificent. Consequently, you would not regret buying it as a centerpiece of your living room.

Stacked Design Lamp

In wood, there is a broader space for detailed and precise carving. The piece that could best represent the design is a stacked floor lamp. The design is not complex but a sorted piece of a pattern repeated after a particular interval. The repeated pattern of empty wood pieces creates a beautiful impact when the light inside is switched on. Specifically, at night, it looks hundredfold pretty. If you want to make your living room or bedroom more sound and attractive, make this lamp your way.

Lamp With Table Shelf

If you need a lamp for decorating purposes, a standing lamp with a table shelf is just what you want. You could have your nighttime reading session around this lamp. In addition to this, you could keep it at your bedside, giving you the required light for your night-time routine and serving as a side table on which you could keep a water bottle or book you read on a given night. Contrary to this, if you put this lamp in the living room, try putting it much showy on its table. This is because the living space is the most frequently visited part of a home by family and friends. An artificial plant or showpiece would do the job for you in developing an impression in front of your visitors.

Moveable Head Dome Lamp

Things that have a rigid structure more or less appear quite unfriendly. If you are investing your money in something, then bear in mind that it has a flexible build, like an adjustable standing lamp with a moveable head dome. Such products supply you with sufficient room to adapt to the object in a faster way. Its lamp could be adjusted towards the direction you want its light to be in. Apart from this, you could alter its height. So next time, it doesn’t matter where you are sitting, on a bed or chair, as the height of the lamp could be arranged to befit your situational needs.  

While reading through some of the fantastic and stunning floor-standing lamp structures, you must be thinking about where you could buy them at a moderate cost. Do not push your mind much on it, as WoodenStreet could be the store from where you could shop for the finest floor lamps online and offline. Don’t let confusion feed upon you; be straight to what you want and make a wise step.

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