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Reference and Education

French Language: 5 Reasons Why It Is So Popular?


French is considered to be a Romance language of the Indo-European family. It basically descended from the Vulgar Latin of the Roman Empire, as did all Romance languages. Well, French is also an analytical language that shapes thought and build critical thinking, which is a precious skill for discussions and negotiations. In the present scenario, the French language is spoken by around 235 million people across the. Learning French Language Course in Gurgaon will let you know its cultural values, history, and lifestyle in a much better way.

Let’s move further and know some facts about this language.

Interesting Facts about the French language

  • Across the globe, 220 million people communicate in the French language.
  • It comprises a series of homophones.
  • 45-50% of English words are taken from the French language.
  • French is officially the native language of 29 nations.
  • English speakers can learn this language quickly.
  • It is the 6th most spoken language across the globe.
  • French has a different counting pattern.
  • The French language doesn’t have the word “w”.

Let’s now proceed further, and have a look at some of the highlighting reasons to learn French.

Highlighting reasons to learn the French Language

To be precise, French is one of the most beautiful, rich, melodious languages that is often referred to as “the language of love”. Learning this specific language will let you not only function but to compete effectively in the world economy of the future.

  • One of the highlighting reasons for learning the French is its ample job opportunities and higher salary structures. Having a detailed knowledge of a foreign language will help you get into a good workplace. You will also get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of industries like- airlines, import-export companies, hospitality sectors, etc.
  • By learning the French language, you will get the chance to know about their people’s lifestyles, and cultural values closely. Being able to communicate in this language will help you make friends in a non-English speaking country as well.
  • Your vocabulary in English will also gradually improve. This is so because around 50% of English vocabulary has been taken from French.
  • In fact, by learning this language, you will get the chance to get into some prestigious universities or business schools. Knowing French will eventually open doors to some renowned research centers, and colleges.
  • We all know that France has one of the most well-known producers of international films. For an instance- “The Cannes International Film Festival annually” grabs the attention of the globe when the best films and artists are named. So, when you understand French, you will not have to depend on subtitles to enjoy a French film. In fact, you can even think of entering this industry if your interest lies in the art, music, acting, etc. fields.

Which is the best way to learn the French Language?

In the present digital generation, you will find numerous ways to acquire French linguistics.

Let’s come across some of the easiest and best ways to learn this language.

  • The easiest way to come across its phonetics is to watch French content online.
  • You can also listen to their songs and notice their tone.
  • As a beginner, you can also refer to textbooks, pdfs, and articles available on the net, and can start practicing with the writing section.
  • You can also refer to the English-French dictionary to understand the meaning of their words, and context.
  • If you find difficulty understanding this language all by yourself, then you can approach an educational foundation. Yes, an educational structure will help you analyze this foreign language in a much better way. They will also conduct regular assessments that will help you know your level of understandability. Most importantly, you will end up learning this foreign language in just a few days.


The information above expresses the importance of learning the French language in this generation. Well, learning any foreign language will be a great asset to your resume. If you are anytime planning to visit France, then enrolling in French Language Online Training in India will be a suitable move for you. This way, you will be able to communicate confidently with native people there. Obtaining its legit certification will also help you get into a well-established workplace.


I'm a blogger who contributes to the Croma Campus blog. Croma Campus is a training center that offers instruction in a variety of subjects.

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