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Getting Columbus Lash Extensions

If you are interested in obtaining a Columbus lash extensions certification, you will need to find the right course. Many Columbus lash extension courses are taught online or through live-streaming. You will want to make sure to choose an instructor who specializes in these procedures, as this will help you get the most out of your training.


Getting Columbus lash extensions is an excellent way to give yourself a makeover without spending hours getting ready. They’re virtually waterproof, and they can last up to 48 hours! They’re also completely painless, and you can get them from an experienced professional. There are some tips to follow if you’re looking for the best Columbus lash extensions.

If you’re looking for a career in eyelash extension, you can train in Columbus by taking a Lash Extension Certification course. These courses are hands-on, trainer-led, and interactive. This way, you’ll learn the basics of eyelash extensions and develop your skills in both traditional and trendy styles. You can choose to work for a local salon or even own your own multi-stylist lash studio.

Application process

Lash extensions are a semi-permanent false lash solution that doesn’t harm the natural lashes. They can add length and volume to your lashes for a dramatic look. Many clients appreciate the fact that they don’t have to wear falsies to get the look they want.

Columbus Lash Extensions


A full set of lash extensions can cost up to $125. A technician will apply an under-eye gel before placing the extensions. This helps keep the lower lashes in place and creates a white, crisp background for the extensions. Once applied, the technician will use medical-grade tape to keep the extensions in place. A half-set of lashes can be applied for $75. The procedure is relatively quick and requires a little practice, but the end result will look beautiful.

Those interested in a career in lash extension can attend a four-day, trainer-led training course. This course will teach the fundamentals of applying lash extensions. The training will also include a hands-on portion. This will give you an opportunity to practice applying lashes to clients and developing your portfolio.


After getting Columbus lash extensions, you need to take care of them properly to keep them looking their best. Brushing and cleaning them daily will help them last longer, and you should avoid doing anything that could damage them. Cleaning the extensions should be done with a special lash extension cleanser and distilled water. Brushing the tips of your lashes everyday is also essential.

Columbus Lash Extensions

After a professional Columbus lash extension application, you’ll have to take special care of your lashes. You should avoid rubbing and picking your extensions, which will weaken their glue and cause them to fall out. Likewise, you should sleep on your back so that your lashes do not rub against your pillowcase. You can learn to apply lash extensions by taking online or hands-on training, which will allow you to work for yourself or for a salon.

The cost of eyelash extensions will depend on the type and length of lashes you want to get. You can expect to pay between $100 and $300 for a full set. Each refill will cost around $50 to $150. Depending on the amount of eyelash extensions you choose, they may last two to four weeks.

A training program will teach you how to properly apply lashes and create a beautiful look. There are many training programs available in Columbus. Some are hands-on while others will have a livestream or virtual component. Make sure to choose the one that will best fit your schedule and your level of experience.


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