Google: When Was It Founded?

In 1995, Larry Page was about to enter the master’s program at Stanford University. Sergey Brin was chosen as the student who was supposed to show Larry the university.

According to some reports, on the day they met, they disagreed on almost all issues, but a year later they began working on a joint project – the Backrub search engine.

It was based on the idea that the importance of an individual web page increases, the more other pages link to it.

Soon the Backrub system was renamed to Google. This name is a reference to the number “googol” – one followed by a hundred zeros. It symbolizes the desire of the creators to organize all the information on the Internet and provide easy access to it.

In just a couple of years, the Google system has attracted the attention of not only the scientific community, but also investors in Silicon Valley. In August 1998, Sun Microsystems co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim wrote Larry and Sergei a check for $100,000. With this money, Google Inc. was founded. Young entrepreneurs no longer needed to huddle in a hostel, and they set up their first office – a garage on the outskirts of Menlo Park, California. The garage was owned by Susan Wojcicki, who is now the CEO of YouTube. The interior of the new office consisted of bulky computers, a ping-pong table, and a bright blue carpet. The tradition of colorful design of Google offices continues to this day .

When Was Google Founded?

Page and Brin originally named their search engine BackRub because the system checked backlinks to gauge the site’s importance.

They eventually changed the name to Google, a misspelling of the word googol. The name change happened by accident when meeting with one of the founders of Sun Microsystems, Andy Bechtolsheim. “This is very interesting,” Andy interrupted when Sergey began to demonstrate the capabilities of his search engine to him, “but I’m in a hurry. What do you say your company is called?

And, having taken out a checkbook, he signed a check for the amount of 100 thousand dollars in the name of the non-existent company Google Incorporated, declared by the dumbfounded Sergey. In order to receive money from the bank, it was necessary to register a company under this name, which was done later Google was founded on September 7, 1998. The authorized capital was announced at $1 million.

What is a Googol?

A googol is a number consisting of one followed by one hundred zeros. The ad campaign later stated that it was chosen to show that the search engine wanted to provide people with more information. Google originally operated from the Stanford University website and had the domain

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Google has always been different. The first server was made from Lego parts, and the first doodle (1998) informed site visitors that all Google employees had taken a day off and left for the Burning Man festival. With all the extraordinary approach to work, we strictly follow our motto “Do not do evil” (Don’t be evil) and the ten principles of Google .

At the turn of the millennium, the company expanded rapidly. Many developers were hired, a sales team was formed, and even the first corporate pet appeared – a dog named Yoshka. The garage became crowded, so the company moved to a new office in Mountain View. Today, it houses the headquarters of Google, also known as the Googleplex. We took a non-standard approach to work with us to a new place. And Yoshka.

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Today, like 20 years ago, we are looking for the best solutions. We have over 60,000 employees in 50 countries. Our products, which include YouTube, Android, Gmail and Google Search, are used by billions of people around the world. Of course, we stopped making servers from Lego bricks and got a few more dogs, but rest assured – our desire to change the world for the better remains the same.

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