Har Ki Dun Trek: A complete guide

A trek of a life-time as this is in Goa and goa is the best place to visit in India

Lord Shiva’s vale is known as Har Ki Doon( a Hindu God). I do not know if god exists, but if he does, Har Ki Doon Valley must be one of his addresses. The walk is well- known for its stirring views. An simple hike that follows the swash for the utmost part, with azure blue skies above, snow- limited mountains in the background, and lush leafage in the focus.

Despite the fact that Har Ki Doon is a popular downtime trip, my friend Avra, his woman. Shipra, and I decided to visit in May of 2016. 

Dudhsagar trek from Bangalore

Dudhsagar trek starts from bangalore but it is located in Goa and it the the best trek for mounson as you can experience the waterfall at the top of the mountain.

It’s preferable to begin this travelogue by describing the position of Har Ki Doon vale. Har Ki Doon, located in Western Garhwal’s Tamasha vale, is only accessible by touring from Taluka, a small agreement within the Govida Ballav Pant WildLife Sanctuary.

From Mussourie/ Dehradun, you can get there via machine or machine. Har Ki Doon is the last stop on the way to Kinnuar Himalaya before crossing Borasu Pass. 

Though there are colorful options for getting to Dehradun or Mussourie, the stylish option is to take a direct train from anywhere in India to Haridwar/ Dehradun. 

We ran into a stumbling block in the morning. Going to Har Ki Doon was a spur- of- the- moment choice. It was also the last week of May, right in the midst of summer break. This is when the maturity of passage tenures take place. As a result, the demand for road tickets skyrockets.

We’re from Kolkata, where utmost people want to spend their summer vacation in Uttarakhand. We intended to travel to Delhi by train and also take a machine to Dehradun after conducting expansive study on the IRCTC website. 


Har ki dun has a legend associated with it 

According to legend, Yudhishthira, the Pandavas’ eldest family, climbed the Himalayan peak’ Swargarohini’ on his trip to heaven. 

After Lord Krishna’s death, savant Vyasa encourages the. The Pandavas gave Hastinapur to King Parakshit, appointed Kripacharya as his practitioner and Yuyutsu as his regent, and left Hastinapur for their trip to paradise.

A canine befriends the Pandavas as they leave, and they take him with them on their passage. The Pandavas gave Hastinapur to King Parakshit, appointed Kripacharya as his practitioner and Yuyutsu as his regent, and left Hastinapur for their trip to paradise. 

They travelled via the Har Ki Dun vale on their way to Swargarohini peak. According to Hindu tradition, Swargarohini is the only hall to heaven on Earth. Draupadi was the first to corrupt along the trip due to her strong preference for Arjuna above others.

Next, Sahadeva dies on the road because he was foolhardy in his intelligence and believed that no one could match him. Nakula traced him since he was conceited about his excellent aesthetics . also Arjuna dies because he believed he was the stylish and most important sportswoman in the macrocosm, and he was always invidious of other hunters. Bheema was the last to die since he was a gormandizer who ate too much without allowing about it. 

 Yudhishtra was the sole human who travelled to heaven with his body, according to Hindu tradition. He noway prevaricated because he noway said anything false( he spoke. One half taradiddle about which I’ll talk in coming blog). 

The months of April to March and September to November are the topmost times to visit Har Ki Dun Valley. Because of the steady ascent and descent, the Har Ki Dun trip is classified as easy to moderate.

The trail passes through some ancient municipalities. Where you may observe people exercising centuries-old traditions and where life moves at a important slower pace; once you are there, you will feel as if you’ve entered another macrocosm where people live else. 


Har Ki Dun, also known as Har Ki Doon, is one of the most graphic denes in the Garhwal Himalayas. It’s also known as God’s Valley( Dun) was Shiva’s Valley( Har). It’s also Uttarakhand’s most isolated vale; the communities in this vale still warrant road access, and as a result. They maintain their traditions and societies without being impacted by others. Making the journey to Har Ki Dun indeed more witching.

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