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Arts and Entertainment

Here Are The Top 10 Best Dialogue And It’s Meaning From His Movies

Here Are The Top 10 Best Dialogue And It’s Meaning From His Movies

Recently there is news about Aamir Khan that he is going to quit the Bollywood Industry. For his fans, this news may shake them but it is a personal decision and we should not force him to do so things where he couldn’t concentrate his mind. 

Whether it is a Bollywood industry or another, one thing that you can find everywhere in the competition. There are a number of people who are quite better in a particular and they want to maintain their position. Due to this reason, they put all their efforts to maintain their space in the market and industry. This thing may disturb the people who don’t see things as a competition but still, they need to participate under a pressure. 


But if you want peace, and calmness in life then stay away from the competition and prefer passion in life. He is an amazing artist and has an incredible personality that anyone could fall in love with him. As per his thought – he is unable to give time to his family, friends, and themselves that is why he has decided to quit this game. This would be heartbreaking news because many legendary actors and actresses have left the world and it is not good news for this industry. And now he is another actor who inspires us through his dialogues in the movie and thoughts for the life. Before moving forward to his famous thoughts, let’s update the net worth o Aamir Khan and which is about $210 million. 

Let’s remind some of his famous thoughts from the movies that he wants to deliver to the audience 


  • “I am not a perfectionist and perfection doesn’t exist in real-time. It’s the wrong title for me”


People refer to him as a perfectionist but Mr. Khan didn’t agree with this because perfection does not exist in the real world and I am just following my passion. This passion allows me to do things in a better way but it couldn’t touch the mark of perfection. I am just here to make the audience happy and satisfied with the role I am playing and the skills that I have today. 


  • “I do what I feel is right and I do not have a fear to walk on a new path and take risks”


It is a huge passion of his to-do acting and that is why he always puts his 100% into performing every task. From all over the world, the probability of people choosing different kinds of paths for building careers is rare. But he is completely sure about the path on which he is going through and such kinds of people always bring a change in their career. Due to this reason, several people are now taking inspiration from him – he does not even have fear from anyone because he is following God’s direction. 


  • “I am more spiritual than religious besides I am not a fanatic” 


Being a spiritual attached and religious – there is a huge difference between the two things and spiritual attachment doesn’t rely on worshiping God with an idol. This feeling is insanely pure and allows you to connect with the power of the universe, but it doesn’t require religious stuff to perform the rituals. 

He belongs to the Muslim religion but is still not that kind of fanatic towards the religion and that is why he has married a Hindu girl to break the stereotype.  


  • “I am happy that I have entertained the people and made them happy”


In this world, this is rare to bring happiness to the face of the people but people who try this kind of effort are always in the space of the heart. He always feels happy when the audience laughs at his jokes and style of acting and this thing encourages him to honor with the awards of being a true actor. 


  • “Our society covers the problems with a veil, all I want is an open discussion”


There are many problems that exist in the world and that is why it is crucial to discuss with an open mind and free because we need to understand the perception of each other. The more openly we will talk the better we could understand each other and then there would be no contradiction between that issues. Like he has launched the show “Satyamev Jayate” and this episode covers all the topics and adds open discussion among people, and victims who are facing the struggle in life. Every episode of this show has reached better reviews and TRPs. 


Wrapping up – 


The news that soon he will quit this industry is overwhelming but still, we need to understand that he is also a father, husband, and son of someone and this is crucial to care about everyone.

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