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How can CCTV in care homes prevent abusive and neglectful care of aged people

CCTV in care homes

Different campaigns are going on all over the globe to make CCTV in care homes compulsory to prevent root causes of abuse and neglect to elderlies. Different renowned legal firms are spearheading this issue.

Families of the aged people staying in care homes are increasingly turning to these legal firms seeking support to prevent medical negligence and personal injuries of their beloved relatives. Surveys show that the number of abuses in care homes has increased sharply in the present time which has made CCTV installation even more important.

3 ways by which CCTV in care homes can improve standards and benefit the families

  • Increased protection can be ensured against abuse (both physical and mental) by caregivers or by other residents in the home.
  • You can achieve greater confidence when you place your beloved relatives in the care homes
  • There would be opportunities for you to view the kind of care given to your relatives beyond limited visiting hours.
  • You can keep thieves and burglars away from your house and assets.

4 benefits for care and residential home operators if there is the installation of CCTV in care homes

  • Caregiving staff of the home would be well protected against any malicious or false allegation of abusive behaviour or poor service.
  • There would be an improved level of security in the care home
  • Apart from monitoring jobs, CCTV enables to serve for 24 hours reducing the manual involvement for security.
  • If the care home runs short of caregiving staff, then CCTVs in care homes. Would serve as additional observational aids for caring for the elderly.
CCTV in Care Homes
CCTV in Care Homes

5 beneficial features of CCTVs that can offer the best video surveillance for aged people in care homes


  • CCTVs are easy to install- This surveillance system which uses digital video cameras and Internet Protocol is very easy to install. You just need to mount the cameras and well connect them to the recorders. You need no power tool or technicians for installing CCTV in care homes.
  • Secures the care home building- When outdoor CCTVs are installed in open spaces and parking lots, thieves can be dissuaded from breaking into cars or loiter on the property.
  • Ensures protection of the residents and staff- Staff and in-charges would be protected from unwanted intruders as cameras would record the entrance and exit gates. In a memory care facility which is a secured environment, these indoor CCTVs. Placed near exits would help you to trace confused residents who are wandering outdoors being unsupervised.
  • CCTVs provide high-quality footage- The IP video cameras improve image quality making it easier to identify fast what is in the field of vision of the security cameras.
  • Remote broadcasting – Network Video Recorders allow you to broadcast security footage over the internet. You can check this footage from any device which is accessible, even cell phones. If you have to manage more than one care facility or have a huge home. Then these CCTVs would be very handy for you to use for multiple places at a time. 

4 points you need to consider before buying and installing CCTV in care homes

  • Do the surroundings contribute to your wholesome security?
  • What are the most important security issues that you have?
  • Was there ever any case of employee theft in the care home?
  • What kind of facility does your care home provide general care facility or specialized care facility?

Considering the consistent rise in the number of retirees or elderlies living in care homes.

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