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How do I get the lowest fare on Southwest?

Book your flights at the lowest fares with Southwest

Book your flights at the lowest fares with Southwest

The main motive for booking a flight for a reputed airline is to get a seat at the minimum fare. But, the question arises about How do I get the lowest fare on Southwest? Apart from getting low-budget carries, there are other ways to get them.

Among the major airlines, the flights cover about 121 destinations in the US, followed by other international locations. The passengers are provided world-class services whenever they travel with the respective airline.

On the other side, it also provides uninterrupted services for change & cancellation of flights.

Here are the ways to travel at the cheapest fares :

  1. Low fare calendar:

The airline provides a low-fare calendar to make things more convenient for the passengers. Here, you don’t need to search for budget-friendly flights in fact; the calendar helps you with the exact date & month of the year.

On the other hand, if you have flexible travel plans, then it can help. You can easily book low-budget flights on the respective dates and months without going through a time-consuming search. Moreover, the cheapest flights are available for the first nine days of the month.

If you are unsatisfied with the current booking or have any issues, search for How do I Get a Human on Southwest Airlines?

  1. Skip the early bird:

Travelers worried about boarding the flight late can board for an early bird check-in. It’ll help you with an automatic check-in to boarding the flight in a better way.

However, if you are flying with a child below six years, skip the early bird & get a better seat. As per the airline family boarding policy, two adults flying with a child under six-year are allowed to board after Grop A.

It directly means that you can save about $100 each for an Early bird check-in fee with the help of family boarding.

  1. Cheapest days:

Apart from the above steps, travelers can also search what is the cheapest day to fly on southwest airlines. Here, you’ll know the cheapest days to book a flight with the airline. You don’t need a comprehensive search, but reserve the flights on these days.

It also depends on your other travel plans & you can plan everything according to your choice. These things also help you to minimize the workload & make an instant booking.

  1. Check out for sales:

There are very real moments when the other airline offers sales on the flights. But, if you are traveling with Southwest Airlines, you might find the flights on sale often on Tuesdays. Well. It’s primarily for cash booking & those redeeming the points.

You can also speak to the live person at Southwest Airlines & get more information about the same. On the other side, the airline has a fare sale calendar, although it’s quite unofficial.

Here, you can find the dropped fares every Tuesday, as it’s separate from the official policy. To enjoy the whole trip at a reasonable fare, reserve the seats in southwest airlines $29 flights.

  1. Enjoy the drinks:

While traveling on air, the majority of the passenger like to sip some amazing drinks & relax. However, being on air with Southwest Airlines on some off days, the passengers can get a beer, wine & cocktail.

On the other side, those who are above 21 years they can enjoy free alcohol. You can get free drinks on Newyear, Valentine’s, Father’s, and Southwest birthdays. On the other side, you can check the mailbox to receive the free drinks coupon.

  1. Discount fares:

On the other side, there are multiple other on-air benefits for worldwide passengers. The passengers can also book a group journey, where you can fly with 10 or more people. Moreover, you can also get the best discounts along with high-end services.

The respective airline always provides numerous alternatives to get the best flights at affordable rates. You will enjoy these things while traveling to any location.


The following readers can go through the details mentioned above: How do I get the lowest fare on Southwest?

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