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How Does IRCTC Train Time Table Streamline Your Travelling?

Are you planning a journey on the Indian Railways. In network and looking for a reliable source of information about train schedules, routes, and seat availability? If so, IRCTC train time table this is an essential tool that can streamline your travel experience. To the make your journey more convenient, efficient, and stress-free.

In this blog post, we’ll explain what the IRCTC train timetable is, the benefits of using it. How to access it through RailRestro Its advanced features, and how it improves the overall travel experience.

IRCTC Train Time Table

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is a subsidiary of Indian Railways that provides online ticket booking, catering, and tourism services to millions of passengers across India. The IRCTC train time table is a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information about all the trains that run on the Indian Railways network.

The train timetable provides information about the train’s schedule, route, stops, and timings, as well as the availability of seats in different classes of travel. It allows passengers to plan their journey in advance, choose the most suitable train and class of travel, and book their tickets online.

The Benefits of Using IRCTC Train Timetable

Using the IRCTC train timetable can offer a range of benefits to passengers, including:

Time-Saving: By providing accurate and up-to-date information about train schedules and timings, the train time table can save passengers time and help them avoid delays and missed connections.

Convenient: The train time table can be accessed online from anywhere and at any time, making it a convenient tool for passengers who want to plan their journey from the comfort of their home or office.

Reliable: The train time table is updated regularly to reflect any changes in train schedules, routes, or stops, ensuring that passengers have access to the most accurate and reliable information.

Cost-effective: By allowing passengers to choose the most suitable train and class of travel, the train time table can help them save money on their journey.

What Info Is Derived through IRCTC Train Time Table

RailRestro offers an online feature that allows you to check the IRCTC train timetable in advance. This eliminates the need to visit or call the railway enquiry office. A train schedule provides information to the traveller regarding:

Schedules of the Trains

Passengers can access an updated train schedule that includes the accurate arrival and departure times for each station, providing convenience for their travel plans.

Stations along the Way

The train schedule displays the names of the stations that the train will pass through and the total number of stations on its route.

100% Accuracy in Real Time

The train schedule is determined by the current status of the trains and is guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Current Train Situation

The train timings, including the anticipated timings of departure or arrival, are display along with the average delay position, if applicable.

Name and Number of the Train

Trains are identified by a unique number, even if they share the same name. The train name and number are unique identifiers that can be used to determine the train schedule on the days it runs.

Stations in the Middle

Intermediate stations are stations that the train passes through during its journey. The term “stations” refers to all the points along the train’s route where it either stops or passes through without stopping. The intermediate stations list does not include the starting and ending stations.

How to Use IRCTC Train Timetable

Accessing the IRCTC train timetable is easy and straightforward, thanks to RailRestro’s user-friendly interface. Here are the few steps you can go through to access the train time table:

1: Go to the RailRestro website and click on the “Train Timetable” tab.

2: Enter the name or code of the train you want to search for in the “Train Number/Name” field.

3: Select the date of your journey in the “Date” field.

4: Click on the “Get Schedule” button to view the train time table.

Enhancing Travel Comfort: IRCTC Train Timetable’s Seating Options and Amenities

When it comes to train travel, comfort plays an important role in ensuring a cheerful journey. The IRCTC train timetable goes beyond providing schedule information and seat availability. It also offers valuable insights into the seating options and amenities available on trains.

Passengers can now access details about different classes of travel, such as AC coaches, sleeper coaches, and chair cars, enabling them to choose the most suitable seating option for their preferences and budget. Additionally, the train timetable provides information on amenities like onboard Wi-Fi, charging points, and catering services, allowing passengers to make well-informed decisions for a comfortable and convenient travel experience.

Additional Features of RailRestro’s  Train Timetable

The IRCTC train timetable has some advanced features that can make your travel experience even better.

Currently Train Running Status Updates

The RailRestro website or mobile app makes it simple to view the current running status of any train operated by the Indian Railways. It’s a fast and easy way to check the whereabouts of trains in real time.

Trains Between Stations on Indian Railways

The Indian Railways will provide you with a list of all trains operating between two stations on a particular day with this tool- trains between stations. The live station function of RailRestro provides real-time information on the arrival and departure times of trains between stations within the next 2, 4, or 8 hours.

PNR Status Tracking

The IRCTC train timetable also allows you to track your PNR status. This can help you stay updated on the status of your ticket, whether it is confirm or on the waiting list.

Food Order on Trains

RailRestro is an online train meal delivery service. That brings you the best restaurant food, straight to your seat on the Indian railways. Before boarding, use the RailRestro website, app, or toll-free contact number to book IRCTC food on the train.

Streamline Your Travel with RailRestro’s Train Food App

One of the most significant aspects of train travel is the availability of food options on-board. With RailRestro’s Train Food App, you can now enjoy your favourite meals delivered straight to your train seat, with just a few taps on your phone.

The RailRestro food in train app is a user-friendly application that enables train passengers to order food from a range of cuisines while travelling on a train. The app offers a wide variety of food options to choose from, ranging from North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and more.

Using the train food app is incredibly easy. All you need to do is select train and enter your PNR number, and the app will show you all available food options for your journey. You can then select the food items of your choice, and the RailRestro team will deliver it right to your seat at your preferred station.

To use the train food app, download the RailRestro app. The Google Play Store or the App Store, and start exploring the food options available for your train journey.


The IRCTC train timetable is an invaluable resource for travellers. Who want to plan their journeys in advance and avoid last-minute stress and uncertainty. By providing real-time information about train schedules, prices, and availability. The train time table helps travellers save time, money, and effort. While there may be some challenges associat with using the train time table. These can be overcome with careful planning and preparation.

So, the next time you plan to travel by train, be sure to use the IRCTC. Train timetable to streamline your journey and enhance your overall travel experience.


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