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How Much Does a Mobile App Development Company Cost To Develop A Fitness App?

In the current economic climate we’re living in the right today, people greater than before have been paying more attention to fitness and health. The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is gradually becoming the top priority for the majority of people. This is a huge benefit for those who wish to establish a name in today’s highly competitive market. Alongside a top mobile app development companies in india , You now have the possibility of developing your fitness application. Raindrops Infotech is best mobile app development company in Ahmedabad.

It is not just a matter of keeping users on track and ensuring that they are making sure they are not missing their workouts; however, you can also lay your an opportunity to earn a lucrative career too. Are you interested in learning more? Consider this blog as a complete guide to creating your fitness application. After receiving the training, you will likely like to begin immediately with your fitness app concept.

What are the types of fitness-related applications that are offered?

If you think you will begin the fitness application design method as fast as possible, it is best to start slowly. In particular, it is essential to determine the type of fitness app you’d like to develop. Let’s take a look at the different kinds:

  • Food and Nutrition app All people who want to reach their goals in business must maintain a healthy diet. It would help if you considered including diet and nutrition in your fitness app ideas. With these apps, users can obtain information about the amount of sugar and calories consumed as well as water intake, preferences of food items, etc. This kind of fitness application, Android, can also function as dietetic aid and helps users adhere to an abstinence diet.
  • Activity tracking application you could choose a fitness application program that is focused on activity tracking, as well. Most people use the apps since they aid in tracking a person’s activities, like swimming, walking or cycling, jogging, and so on. These apps use motion sensors on their smartphones and GPS to track their movements and provide reliable information about their activities, such as running, many stairs climbed, intake of liquids and sleep hours. By analyzing the data, users will know what particular activity they should concentrate on the most.
  • Workout appsAmidst numerous options, if you select the category of workout apps for your fitness and health app development, your chances of success are excellent. The global app revenue overall has increased to $365.2 billion in 2018 and $69.7 billion in 2015, which is quite impressive. According to studies, these figures are expected to triple by 2023. Suppose you’re looking toward creating your fitness apps for an Android phone and are aware that you’re in the right direction. The various kinds of workout apps include Workout Scheduler applications as well as personal workout apps.

Technology stack

The technology you incorporate in your fitness app that is available 24 hours a day determines how user-friendly it is for users or the amount of popularity it can gain. Making use of these technologies in fitness app development is essential.

  • Authentication – Nexmo & Twilio
  • Real-time analytics Analytics in real-time Big Data, Cisco, Apache Flink, Hadoop, IBM, Spark, etc
  • Programming – GWT
  • Operating system Debian
  • Payment gateways – E-Wallets, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, etc
  • Data management – Datastax
  • The Twilio Push Notifications: Twilio and
  • Database – MongoDB, HBase, Postgres, MailChimp Integration, Cassandra, etc

Finishing the capabilities

The competition for fitness apps at present is highly competitive. If you’re creating your app, the features of your app should stand out and provide users with benefits that they will find highly beneficial. The essential features you should include:

  • Profile of user The filling in of the details of user profiles is crucial. In addition, you should give users the freedom to change the gender of their profile, the sex names, weight, height and so on.
  • The synchronization feature of devices that wear HTML0 To include these features, you can either pick a fitness app maker on the internet or work with a Fitness app design firm. This will always be beneficial to the very end. Your application should utilize GPS motion sensors, GPS, and Bluetooth to sync with external devices, such as personal devices, tablets, and computers, as well as wearable devices. Users can easily monitor their activities using this feature if they use any device that can sync to the app.
  • Geolocation Are you thinking what the purpose of this feature for your fitness app? This is because it will always focus on the directions and routes you run, walk or cycle. You will be able to locate the exact location of your vehicle using this feature.
  • Payment– Although certain fitness apps provide services for free, other premium applications require users’ money. Understanding that expecting money’s value is crucial when developing a mobile app is crucial. It is only then that you can realize an ROI and continue expanding the number of sales. Customers can make payments through payment gateways. It is important to offer a range of choices to customers, like debit and credit cards, electronic wallets, net banking, and more.
  • Rewards When you are focusing on developing the fitness app to manage the administration side, including Rewards features is crucial. One of the most important promotional tools you can obtain for the fitness app is loyalty programs such as cashback, referrals, and cashback. Administrators also need to choose other promotion options, such as the retargeting of push notifications, retargeting and social sharing.

Time frame to develop fitness applications

The five phases of the entire process of development are:

  • DesigningThis comprises UX and UI design.

The approximate time is between 60 and 80 hours

  • Testing

The approximate time is between 80 and 100 hours

  • documentation process comprises design prototypes, specifications as well as business analysis.

Time range – 50-60 hours

  • Stage of development This stage includes
  1. The development time for the Android platform is between 380 and 400 hours
  2. The time for developing front-end tasks is between 190 and 200 hours.
  3. The development time for the iOS platform is from 450 to 480hrs
  4. Time for development of back-end tasks 350 to 400 hours
  • Maintenance and support

The approximate time is approximately 40- 50 hours

The most important thing to remember is that The duration to develop your fitness app can also affect the price.

Breakdown of cost

You should not begin this process if you do not know the exact costs of fitness apps and the approximate cost of fitness app development. Obtaining a quality app is feasible if you only hire an experienced mobile app development firm and programmers and developers per industry standards and standards. The elements on which the price of fitness apps is based are:

The complexity of the application

 It is necessary to select the level of complexity of your fitness app, like medium, high-end, and straightforward. The cost of the base version of the application is lower than the two other options, high-end and medium. It is crucial to choose following the app’s functions and capabilities.

The development team for applications

With a range of aspects is the team that is responsible for assessing the app’s cost. The virtual team to carry out top-quality fitness apps are:

  1. QA engineers
  2. Project manager
  3. iOS application developers
  4. Web developers
  5. UX/UI designers
  6. Analyst of requirements
  7. Android application developers

A platform for application development –

Android and iOS are two of the most popular platforms around the world. The choice of a platform influences the development costs for your application. As platforms increase, the number of platforms available and the associated costs will rise, and the reverse. The cost of this is also dependent on the app development company you choose. Usually, the developers’ group decides on the number of platforms they want to build, and it could be single or multiple.

The location of the team of developers

In addition to the mobile app development firm and the developer team’s place, affects the app’s cost. The cost of a developer varies based on the country and region.

  1. Easter Europe Easter Europe – $30- $150 an hour
  2. Australia $100-$110/hour
  3. India – – $10-$80 per hour
  4. North America – $150 to $170/hour
  5. United Kingdom – $60 to $70 an hour

Therefore the development costs for fitness apps you can estimate according to the following:

Time required to create * Cost of application developer

If you want to get your hands on the most affordable price, select a reputable mobile app development firm from Eastern Europe or India.

The estimated cost of developing a fitness application will range from $20,000 to $30,000 on one platform. If you use an additional platform, you’ll have to cover an additional $20,000.

Remember that the price you see in this post is an approximate figure.

The price of a product can be largely varied according to its features and philosophy.

Final Say

The concise and clear information you find in this article will help you think more about your fitness app development efforts. It is recommended to make an appointment with a well-known mobile app development firm to learn the business model and revenues, features, estimates, and total time needed. The highly skilled team of these firms work closely with you to comprehend the type of fitness app which can generate enormous amounts of income. Join us today for a rewarding job online with us. Join our team right now.

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