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How Much Does It Cost to Study MBA In UK For Indian Students?

Study MBA in UK

Study MBA in UK

After obtaining their degrees, Indian students are choosing to continue their studies in UK. According to study abroad advisors in UK, studying abroad can be expensive if you don’t plan your budget carefully in advance. So, let’s check how much does it cost to study  MBA In UK For Indian Students.

To give you a better understanding, in this post, we are detailing how much an MBA in UK costs for Indian students.

How to Use IELTS for Cost Cutting?

IELTS is really helpful for studying Abroad. It also helps to keep costs down if you choose universities well. If you score well in IELTS, you will get into a good and prestigious university which will help you reduce your fees. Many universities offer low fees but ask for high IELTS requirements. So join the best IELTS coaching for your preparation which will help you pay less fees than universities that offer admission without IELTS. I must tell you that, Jaipur will be the best destination for preparing the IELTS module. And this is because IELTS coaching in Jaipur offers the lowest fees in India as this city has so many reputed IELTS preparation centers like Meridean Overseas Education Consultants.

Costs Related to Overseas Education in UK

To fully understand the cost of study MBBS in UK, you must focus on a few elements, including tuition costs, visa application fees, and—most importantly—the cost of living.

Education Fees:

Your tuition fees make up the bulk of your out-of-country expenses. The cost varies depending on the college and course you choose. Annual tuition can range from $7,000 to $35,000. For an Indian student, it starts at around Rs. 350000 to Rs. 190000 every year.

Accommodation Cost:

Although Canada promises a comfortable lifestyle, the cost of living can be moderate if you live in a shared apartment or on-campus dormitory. On-campus housing costs approximately CAD 8,000 per year. Conversely, if you live in shared housing, your monthly expenses will range from about $400 to $700, depending on where you live. Shared apartments in desirable areas of cities like Toronto can run you between CAD 1,200 and CAD 2,000 per month.

Cost of Living:

It is important to consider how much studying abroad will cost you, including the cost of living, including transportation, daily meals, communications, books, and other supplies. The cost of living in UK can range from 6000 CAD – 10000 CAD per year for a student.

Other Expenses:

As we mentioned earlier, if you intend to study abroad, you need to consider the cost of visas and insurance. The cost of a student visa for UK  is about CAD, and annual insurance costs range from CAD 300 to CAD 800.

These are just the basic expenses of a student traveling abroad to study for an MBA in the UK.

Cost of Studying MBA in UK

This section will give you an overview of the average cost of studying for an MBA in the UK and the cost of living in the UK for international students. The average first-year cost of studying for an MBA in the UK is INR 21.01 lakh. Average cost of living in UK is INR 6.03 lakh per annum.


One of the least expensive places to study MBA in UK for India students. Although housing and education are relatively cheap, the country also guarantees a decent standard of living. Indian students prefer study MBA in UK over other nations since it is among the safest places in the world.


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