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How To Ace Your IIM PGPX Essay?

Firstly, do you seek IIM PGPX Sample Essays? You are at the right place. IIM and other reputed management schools incorporate a Written Ability Test in their entrance assessment.

This piece of information is crucial for all PGPX aspirants. It is also one of the deciding rounds for admission to IIM. As a result, industry experts’ advice is the most important to follow. Furthermore, samples are useful.

Why should you write an essay? Many students are perplexed. It is a critical step in a paper-and-pencil-based written assessment. The running time is forty-three minutes. IIMs use this to assess the writing abilities of shortlisted candidates.

Some of the prominent topics are released by industry experts. Students seeking IIM PGPX essay expert assistance to prepare for the writing test must read.

What Are the WAT Topics for IIM?

Here are the top ten topics that you must heed when preparing for WAT:

  1. Why MBA & Why PGPX
  2. Why do you want to do MBA at this stage in your life/ career? Are you applying because you are motivated, or is it about earning a higher salary?
  3. One reason why we should not select you?
  4. Have you applied to any US school? Have you applied to ISB? If yes, then which one would you choose and why?
  5. What are your short- and long-term career goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  6. Which are your favourite subjects?
  7. How was your international experience, apart from work?
  8. Why did you choose to work in this field after graduation?
  9. Suppose you are the CEO of an organization and someone comes up with a new idea, and you have absolutely no idea about it. How will you react to it?
  10. How is the traffic situation in your city, and how can you resolve it?

So, these are the topics students must prepare through the IIM PGPX Sample Essays. Furthermore, the chances of getting these specific topics are slim, but the overall theme is critical. Preparing for a timed essay necessitates planning. Get Essay Writing Help in India to prepare for these. Firstly, know the format.

What’s an Essay Format?

An essay’s format consists of three parts, but the execution must justify the theme. The proper format is as follows:

A Well-Structured Thesis

For starters, it is part of the introduction. This statement summarises the theme in a couple of lines. A thesis statement is especially important in argumentative essays.

Supporting Body Paragraph

Secondly, finish the body section in not more than two to three paragraphs. Justify the theme, notably the thesis statement. Using evidence to support the theme is a must.

Persuasive Conclusion

Lastly, the conclusion binds the entire essay into a paragraph or a few sentences. The conclusion must be persuasive and offer scope for the reader.

Transitional Phrases

In addition, an essay does not use markers to differentiate the sections. Using transitional phrases is a good way to indicate the division for the reader. Practice this, or get samples from an online IIM PGPX essay expert.

The bottom line, the essay section is pre-defined. The format is simple. No additional changes are expected unless the word limit suggests. However, WAT essays are written in two to four hundred words. Now, let’s learn to manage time.

How Do You Write a Timed Essay?

Popularly, many know essay writing is simple. Still, difficulty arises if a task is timed. Heed these when working on an essay within a time limit:

Read & Re-read the question

First, read the question carefully. Re-read it multiple times to brainstorm the theme.

Set small goals

Next, jot down the ideas to pursue. Set writing goals per word count and approach to the theme. Decide how each idea will pan out when writing IIM PGPX Sample Essays.

Format the sections

Following that, organise the essay into sections. Doing so helps save time and prepare the mind for composing each section of the essay. This is important to save time.

Write effectively

Lastly, focus on each section. Regardless of the time constraint, write effectively. Some sections require more time than others but time accordingly to complete within the time limit.

So, timed-task is not unachievable. Getting into the flow is important. Practising makes any task less challenging. It also helps reduce the anxiety of facing a more difficult essay theme. How to practice? Who can monitor the progress? Need tips for better writing?

Should I Pay an IIM PGPX Essay Expert for Samples?

An essay sample curated by an expert is a good way to practice writing. Online experts are experienced writers. But, the deciding factor is the service quality. Seeking a trusted service is a challenge.

Still, seeking help is good for preparation for such impromptu tests. Writing an essay is simple. Yet, such extensive pieces don’t come easy, even to the most dextrous. So, hiring an Essay Writing Help in India is advisable.

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