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How to Avoid Plagiarism in University Essay Writing

Students with insufficient knowledge about academic writing often have limited ideas for completing their academic tasks. A university essay is about how sagaciously you demonstrate your ideas and thoughts before your readers.

It isn’t as simple as taking information from one source, writing it in your essay, and presenting someone’s idea as yours can lead to plagiarism. You may be severely punished for committing this offense in your academic task. Students new to academic writing must consult their instructor or take Essay Help from eligible essay writers. They must clearly understand how to begin and complete their essay writing task without flaws, including plagiarism issues.

Sometimes, students plagiarise their essays due to a lack of understanding and knowledge. They lack the basic information about citation, referencing, and quoting. Some information is hard to decipher but necessary to add. Hence, they add the information as it is from the source. This leads to plagiarism and low score in their academic paper.

Below are some significant tips that will help you avoid plagiarism in your paper.

What is Plagiarism?

In simplest terms, plagiarism is presenting others’ ideas; thoughts work as your own. It is an academic sin. Plagiarising is equal to stealing somebody’s work and passing it off as your own.

Sometimes, even paraphrasing is not enough to get rid of plagiarism, as you just change the words and add synonyms, maintaining the fundamental essence of the source in your work.

Below are some of the plagiarism guidelines for students at a college or university level.

The problem of plagiarism in your essay or any form of writing may be due to the folwing reasons:

  • Copying -Using someone’s writing in your own and showing it as if you have written it.
  • Paraphrasing Taking someone’s ideas and writing them merely by ching some words and replacing it with synonyms. Paraphrasing is also plagiarism if you use someone’s idea without acknowledging them for their work.
  • Copy and paste from the Internet sources directly to your academic paper

How to Avoid Plagiarism in your Essay?

Begin earlier

An easy way to avoid plagiarism is to keep enough time in hand to write a paper. It is easy to forget something when you are in a hurry to deliver your academic task. Spending sufficient time analyzing and focusing on your content will put you miles ahead.

The chance of making mistakes arises when you have less time to submit your essay but a lot of work to be completed. You can’t generate newer ideas in seconds; hence, copy-pasting is the only idea you will have while you think about the deadline.

Be careful with citations.

It is one thing to cite your references, but doing it correctly is the other. Ensure you know the benchmarks for the paper you are working on and use them accurately. There is a different citation style; you must follow the guidelines of your university while citing references. The common citation styles are APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and IEEE.


Proofreading is compulsory and keeps you away from plagiarism. However, multiple online tools, including Grammarly, can help you proofread your paper and rectify any mistakes. However, these AI-based tools may not consistently deliver the right results. Hence, you must proofread your essay manually to ensure it is error-free!

Give credit through a quote.

Using quotations when directly quoting someone can help you keep plagiarism at bay.


Although this is one of the ways to get no plagiarism in your essay, ensure you do it correctly. Try adding your ideas mixed with the essence of ideas you find relevant to your essay. However, please don’t copy any sentences, words, or phrases from another resource and paste them into your essay. Paraphrase correctly!

Add Value

You can use sources from research and also add relevant ideas from them. However, you must also put your own ideas and thoughts by large rather than adding every piece of information from the research resources. Having your ideas on your paper will help you add value to your essay and also give an impression to your instructor that you have worked hard on the topic.

Plagiarism Checker,

There are many plagiarism checker tools available online. To ensure your work have no plagiarism issue, you can use such tools and make necessary corrections after seeing the results.

Correct referencing

Adding a reference page is an excellent way to tell the readers what sources you have used to write your essay.

Ask your mentor

to Spend time with your instructor, ensuring you know the guidelines for writing your essay. Let them explain to you the ways and methods of how you can avoid plagiarism in your essay. Sometimes, you may come across specific technical terms and definitions that can’t be paraphrased. Citations, quotations, or references can be used in such situations to avoid plagiarism.

Understand the question or topic carefully.

When you know what you are supposed to write, you can quickly develop ideas for your essay. Understanding is the key to writing flawlessly. Read about the topic as much as you can.

Going through multiple resources can help you generate better and more varied ideas and points for your essay. Books, articles, journals, research papers, etc., can be helpful for your essay. When you have a lot of ideas in mind, you can quickly write your essay in your words.

Tips for writing an effective essay

Systematically organize your thoughts. 

As an academic essay is highly formal, you must avoid adding personal feelings, emotions, or an informal writing tone. You’re expected to present your reading, research, and topic analysis in an impersonal, objective manner. You can give a professional touch to your essay using the following tricks:

  • Use authentic research resources and give relevant evidence to prove your claims in your essay.
  • Avoid using informal language or writing tone.
  • Use the third person to give more clarity to your essay.

If you need more guided assistance in organizing your ideas, you can get essay help from an academic writer.

Be Precise.

Keep your essay clear and crisp. Using complicated words may ruin the actual meaning of the written piece but also takes away the simplicity of your essay.

Your readers will appreciate your use of simple words in a creative manner. Keep your information crisp and clear. Follow these steps:

  • Add headings and subheadings to your essay.
  • Write a short and informative introduction.
  • Also, avoid using passive voice in your essay. It makes your lengthy writing unnecessary and also confuses the readers sometimes.

Use Good Vocabulary

Using good vocabulary in your writing is mandatory for an academic essay. Write something different from what you used to write during your school days. An academic essay is a scholarly article; hence, your instructor expects you to write like an expert.

For instance, if you are writing a persuasive essay, your writing tone must be persuasive if you need to write an argumentative essay. You must present relevant evidence to support your claims. Choose your words wisely.

Proofread carefully.

Despite working too hard on your academic essay, you may have disorganized words or sentences in your essay. If you have written your essay at the last moment, you may have a lot of errors in your writing. Hence, to avoid any grammatical or spelling mistakes, make sure to proofread your essay before submission.

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