How to Boost Your Google My Business Listing’s Traffic

In order to reap the benefits of having a Google My Business profile, it is critical that it be optimised. In order to be found in search results, businesses rely on having a Google My Business account. Businesses of all sizes and scope can benefit from this free service, which is a cost-effective way to sell their products and services online. Here’s how you can get more people to click on your Google My Business Listing. ” Google My Business Listing optimization can also be done by a Local SEO Company in India.

Complete Your Profile

To get to Google My Business Listing, you must first complete your profile in its entirety. To help the search engine better match client searches with your business, provide as much information about it as feasible. As a result, the company’s search engine rankings have risen significantly. Accurately filling up these fields is critical: contact information; characteristics; and category. Using the proper keywords is essential while doing so. Google uses three elements to rank websites: distance, relevance, and prominence.

Add Business Photos

People will be able to see your business and get a better idea of what you do if you include images in your listing. Make sure your Google My Business profile has a cover photo or logo that you can use on other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. Post relevant photographs to show the distance, services, and products. It’s easy to share images of your establishment’s decor and amenities on social media if you’re in charge of a hotel. Including high-quality photos will increase clicks by 35%.

Share Special Offers and Updates

The profile of a business must also include relevant information such as special deals, updates, and so on. It is necessary to include all necessary contact information, like phone number, address, and hours of operation. Posts on new products, events, promotions, and more will not only keep your profile current, but they will also inspire customers to visit your online or physical storefront, resulting in increased revenue.

Add Attributes and Features

Depending on the category you select, Google’s business accounts have additional capabilities. Businesses can enhance their listing by including more features and special traits using the same method. Restaurants and bars, for example, can highlight their most popular meals, upload menus, and include an online ordering link. Additionally, service-oriented organisations can have a booking button or service menus. Similarly

Solicit Reviews from the Customers

If you don’t grasp this, you won’t be able to get customers to trust you. Customers’ reviews might be a determining element in their purchasing decisions, so encourage them to provide them. The company’s Google ranking is aided by customer reviews. Customers who have had a positive experience with your company may be requested to leave evaluations afterward. Sharing an e-receipt or a card with a request for a review can be done. Free marketing kits for businesses include social media postings, stickers, and posters that can be printed.

Respond to Reviews

By reacting to consumers’ evaluations and appreciating their input, businesses may create trust with both new and current customers. A company’s reputation is enhanced when it responds to customer reviews. In order to build customer loyalty, focus on having positive encounters with them. Respond to them in a professional and courteous manner using your brand’s voice. Negative reviews are no different in this regard. As a result, businesses must respond to customers and treat them with the utmost respect and consideration.

Your Google My Business listing can be improved by following these guidelines shared by the top digital marketing agency in India. SEO Packages are also available if you want to take your business to the next level.

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