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How To Buy Soft Duck Feather Cushion Pads For House Launch

Duck Feather Cushion Pads

Although it may seem simple, selecting the correct filling for your cushions may be a challenge whether you’re looking to decorate your couch, refresh a bedroom, or breathe new life into worn-out coverings. We’ve put up a helpful guide on selecting the right inner pad for your cushions.

From what kinds of cushion inserts may I pick?

Hundreds of different cushion covers in countless colors, patterns, styles, and dimensions are available at our shop. If you use our site’s filters, you may easily locate the cushions that meet your specific needs.

Inner Padding Stuffed with Polyester

If your cushions are looking a little flat, our resilient hollow-fiber cushion pads may be the answer. In addition to being stuffed with 100% durable polyester, they include a tea bag-style polypropylene cover that is double stitched. Hollow fiber, a man-made fiber, is so-called because it is constructed from very thin, hollow polyester filaments.

Pads Lined with Duck Feathers

Our duck feather cushion pads are stuffed to the gills with the finest 100% cleaned duck feathers, and they’re handcrafted to perfection so that not even the feather stalks are sharp. A 100% soft cotton ivory cover is used, and it is double-stitched to ensure that no feathers will ever escape.

What’s the finest inner pad to use for my cushions?


The inner pads of cushions have a significant role in the overall appearance and comfort of the cushion, two factors that often affect a buyer’s final decision. Strong and resilient, polyester-filled cushions retain their form and are thus more often used as aesthetic accents than for their intended use. All of our cushions will have the ideal amount of plumpness because of the polyester fillings we use. Cushions stuffed with duck feathers compress and relax in response to weight, practically becoming the shape of the person leaning on them. That’s why they’re so beneficial for your back and behind while you’re sitting. They are thick and substantial, having been crafted from all-natural materials; they also enable air to circulate through, ensuring that you won’t overheat. These fillings tend to lose their volume and plumpness if not “fluffed up” on a regular basis.


Cushions with removable inner cushions are convenient because when they become dirty, you can simply wash the cover and reuse it. Considering they’re produced entirely of natural materials, duck feather padding on the inside of a product can’t be beaten for longevity. Our duck feather fillings will keep your cushions nice and plump for years to come, provided you take good care of them.

Our polyester pads are the most long-lasting since they can be used for a variety of purposes, retain their form, and are sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily family life without sacrificing comfort.

If your inner pad ever becomes filthy or marked, which is quite unusual, we recommend simply spot cleaning it or washing it by hand (for both types). Cushion pads may be damaged if washed in a washing machine because the filler might clump together. Tumble drying is not recommended for our cushion fillings because of the risk of starting a fire.


If you suffer from allergies, it’s recommended that you choose a polyester inner pad for your cushions. In contrast to a duck feather filling, which may irritate those with allergies, hollow fiber is made completely of synthetic materials and hence should not cause any reactions.


Because of their high durability and low price, our polyester cushion pads are perfect for any busy home. The extra expense of our duck feather filling is well worth it if you’re searching for a higher level of comfort. Nowhere else will provide the same level of ease!


You may be certain that we, too, recognize the significance of only obtaining from reputable sources. That’s why we only utilize duck feathers which are a byproduct of the food industry to stuff our pads. Don’t worry; our provider undergoes regular RDS inspections to make sure no animals were harmed in the making of your product. Animal welfare is a priority for the RDS-certified business.


Our duck feather inner cushions include biodegradable feathers. Feathers are a simple and effective technique to increase the nitrogen content of your soil once they have decomposed. You may discard them directly into a compost container after removing them from their packaging. It’s important to remove the cotton cover from the trash.

Over fourteen million duvets and cushions are throw away annually in the United Kingdom due to the fact that their polyester cushion inner pads cannot be recycle. Encouraged by the ever-expanding eco-conscious community, we welcome the repeated usage of our cushion fibres. Donating clean, usable inner pads to homeless shelters is one option. Also, consider local animal shelters if the pets are getting on in years. Be resourceful! If you or a buddy have a creative interest in sewing, the fillings might be put to good use in a variety of artistic endeavors. You may encourage birds to utilize polyester filling for nests by putting some in feeders or scattering it throughout your yard.

Can you tell me how much cushion stuffing I’ll need for a certain size cushion?

We provide inner pads for cushions in a wide range of sizes. Make sure the replacement pad you purchase is at least one size larger than your cushion cover. The measurements shown for a cushion cover are for when it is unstuff and lying flat; after the cushion is stuff, the cover may shrink somewhat.


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