How to Care for Hand-Painted Leather Shoes

With new styles of men’s leather shoes debuting each season, improved methods for determining your foot size. And now even the option to create your own custom men’s leather shoes from the comfort of your own home, the footwear industry is one that is always evolving. What will come next?

Hand-painted shoes are one of the newest fads to sweep the men’s leather shoes industry.

Hand-painted shoes refer to men’s leather shoes that have undergone the whole coloring process by hand. Rich color is by layer to layer paint of the shoes. Each pair of men’s dress shoes has a unique patina and finish. 

How to care for hand-painted shoes?

There are numerous actions you may do to maintain the quality and color of a pair of men’s leather shoes without compromising the patina’s distinctive patina. Your mens brown oxford shoes will maintain their elegance for years to come and will continue to be comfortable with each use if you give your dress shoes the correct care and upkeep. We advise the following measures since using the best shoe care products on your men’s leather shoes is crucial, especially with hand-painted styles.

Use cedar shoe trees

Shoe Tree

If you don’t take care of the folds and creases that naturally develop in the leather uppers after wearing. Your men’s leather shoes for a while, then your dress shoes could become permanent deformations. To stop deformation and keep your dress shoes in good condition. A pair of Cedar shoe trees from Barker shoes is a wise purchase. Make sure you buy a pair of shoe trees that are the correct size for your dress shoes because if not, the leather may stretch out or take on an unflattering form.

Use a shoe horn

Shoe hornshoe horn

Even though it only takes a few seconds, spending money on a shoe horn. And taking the time to loosen the lacing system before putting your dress shoes. A quality shoe horn will protect the leather of your dress shoes. Especially the heels, which are the component of the men’s dress shoes that are most likely to sustain damage if worn carelessly.

Polishing and protecting


It’s important to make sure there is no dirt on the men’s dress shoes before polishing or creaming your men’s leather brogue shoes, therefore a thorough cleaning with a damp cloth is highly recommended. Until your shoe trees are reinserted, stuff crumpled newspaper inside your dress shoes.

Use a leather cream

Creams Shoes wax

Make sure to choose the appropriate hand-painted cream because the painted finish can removed if not chosen carefully. Hand Painted Shoe Creams retain the rich, bright gloss while nourishing and conditioning the crust leather. To maintain the original color of your Shoe, Use Neutral Shoe Cream. If the color is fading from your dress shoes or to treated for scratches. Sporadic treatments with the appropriate color should be applied.

Concluding Remarks

The innovative and easygoing lines of the contemporary Barker shoe line are particularly distinctive for their hand-painted dress shoes design. These men’s shoes created in the Barker workshop in the Northamptonshire village of Earls Barton using unfinished crust leather.

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