How to Create Custom Boxes to Protect and Store Your Products

When creating custom boxes, ensure important artwork remains at least 0.125″ away from the fold and cut lines. If artwork is too close to the edges, it may shift or be cropped during production. Before submitting artwork for production, check for spelling and placement. Make sure the artwork matches the box size and color settings. You should also check the artwork for alignment. If there are any errors, have someone recheck it before final delivery.

Die-cut boxes

Custom boxes are an excellent choice for packaging your products, as they offer premium protection and are easy to brand. Die-cut boxes are ideal for shipping products overseas because they reduce the size of the box, allowing for a more economical shipment. They can also be easily stored flat, not taking up valuable space. And they are easy to label, ensuring maximum brand exposure and customer satisfaction.

In addition to saving space, custom die-cut boxes also help your products stand out from the crowd. These boxes designed specifically for your products will help you achieve greater brand recognition and boost sales. Custom die-cut boxes also offer relatively inexpensive advantages, meaning you can reduce operational costs and boost your profit margins. For this reason, die-cut boxes are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Rigid boxes

The first thing to remember when designing a rigid box is to begin with the end in mind. Are you trying to protect your product during shipping, or are you trying to create a luxury unboxing experience? Determining your goals can help you with your design decisions if you are trying to do both. Also, think about what materials you have available. Some lightweight cardboard construction is appropriate for some products, while heavier products may need more robust materials.

Rigid boxes are a graphic designer’s dream. They offer more opportunities for customization than corrugated or direct print flexographic printing. Rigid boxes are also available with flood and spot coatings. Various designs can be applied, from a single color to a multi-colored design. The process of lamination is another way to add some unique properties to your box. For example, lamination can give the box a high gloss look and soft feel while preventing scuffing.

Retail boxes

Custom boxes can help prevent costly returns, damage, and customer complaints. On average, brick and mortar store items are handled five times. They are shipped using pallets or forklifts. But, e-commerce packages can be handled up to twenty times! To prevent this, create a custom box design for your products. Custom materials can be produced in-house or through an outsourcing company. They are an inexpensive and effective way to protect your products.

To create the perfect box design, you must know what material you will use. Paperboard and corrugated materials require a minimum stroke thickness of 0.125″. Keep your artwork at least one-eighth inch away from the fold and cut lines for the best results. Artwork may also shift during the production process. Therefore, you must consider your artwork’s placement, color settings, and box size before sending it to a printing company.

Tissue paper

Tissue paper is an excellent choice for filling empty spaces inside your boxes. Available in various colors and strengths, custom tissue paper is an excellent alternative to using plastic. Its versatility allows for multiple uses and is an attractive way to brand your products. Tissue paper is also an inexpensive way to enhance your brand’s image. Custom tissue paper is a cost-effective way to add an accent color to your products.

Tissue paper can enhance the unboxing experience by adding sophistication. According to a recent study by Package Insight, 76% of respondents preferred tissue paper to traditional void fill. They also reported being pleasantly surprised or happy when they found branded tissue paper in their boxes. This resulted in a more positive brand impression. As a result, you can use custom print tissue paper to create beautiful custom boxes that will keep your products protected and safe.


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