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How to Deal with Fake Online Reviews of Students?

Fake reviews about anything can plague the internet. Therefore, they should be handled vigorously. But the question is – how to deal with fake reviews? Today, almost every institute such as ICRI Bangalore is facing such things online. So, it is good to know what the fake reviews detection process is and how institutes and even students can locate such reviews. So, keep on reading this post for detailed information.

How online reviews of the institute should be?

Before we talk about the ways to deal with fake reviews, let us tell you how these student reviews should be. Take a look at the following to know more:


A student looks for online reviews that are posted by the previous or existing students, teaching staff, etc. If you have not met the institute or any student, you should not make up your mind based on the reviews posted. You must visit the campus at least once. So, if you are targeting any institute for further studies, it is good to read authentic reviews or simply visit the campus in case of doubt.

  • Unbiased

A review shared by a student must reflect the real picture of the institute as well as the course. A good student review typically does not have understated or exaggerated details about anything. Every detail appears unbiased and balanced.

  • Substantial

A good review about the institute typically contains great details that help other students decide better. The credibility of the review is affected by whether it is a detailed comment with a star rating or just a star rating. For instance, if you read the ICRI reviews, you will notice that they are pretty genuine because they have details that can help any prospective student make a wise choice.

  • Appropriate

A good review must not have any foul language, inappropriate words, personal attacks, or improper or incorrect information. If you are planning to write down a review for an educational institute, keep in mind that review platforms are not designed to fight. They are for expressing your thoughts and sharing your experiences and opinions so that others can be benefitted.

Ways to locate the fake institute reviews explained by ICRI India

Now, you have already known the qualities of good reviews. Now, check out the following to know how to tackle fake ones like a pro:

  • Check if the reviews are verified

To validate the review, the easiest method is to check the interaction or transaction between the student and the institute. A good institute pays special attention to the online reviews and addresses if they receive any queries from the students. When there are reviews that are not addressed by the institute, they may be fake posted by the institute itself.

  • Eradicate bias

To get truthful student reviews, institutes can ask the students to share their experiences without forcing them to write down good things only. When students are free to share their opinions and thoughts, they are more likely to share their views. You can get a sense of such freedom by reading two-three reviews only.

  • Balanced opinions

As mentioned above, a student should not be forced to write what an institute wants him to share. It is because when the review is written forcefully, it will reflect overly good things about the institute, course, faculty members, etc. But a balanced opinion will shed light on the pros as well as cons.

Final takeaways

A prestigious institute such as ICRI Bangalore never forces students to write reviews. Therefore, you will only get genuine and reliable ICRI India reviews on the review sites, forums, social media channels, etc. Even if you feel that there is something fishy, you are advised to go to the ICRI campus at least once to validate everything individually.

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