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Health and Fitness

How To Do Perfect Nose Contour?

How many of you know the perfect way to contour the nose? Well, all ladies must have known the importance of contouring. This is one of the best techniques to get a sculpted face look and slim nose. If you don’t know, then here in this blog, we will share the tips and tricks to sculpt the nose naturally.

Get To Know About Contouring

Everyone needs to know about contouring and what else you need to follow as your face shape. You need to be much more confident about yourself and then start understanding the contouring’s purpose and essential things. It may give confidence to many of you with makeup to cope with your insecurities about the shape and size of the nose.        

Choose The Right Product

You need to have a perfect bronzer formulated with warm color tones for contouring. You should go for the brow product with a neutral and grayish hue. Make sure whatever neutral bronzer you choose should be one to two shades darker than your skin tone, which helps to create a soft sculpted look. It looks like a more natural shadow than bronzer. Bronzer should have a super-light formula and be buildable. It shouldn’t require a lot of blending. Make sure you are not using heavier creams because it may make blending super tricky, and setting with powder is required.

Connect the Dots

You don’t need to draw a line along the side of the nose. Put the series of dots and then line up these dots vertically on the nose side. Smudge these dots together to create a more natural cast and harsh line. Create the bridge of the nose with the bronzer. A small fluffy brush is ideal for targeting the area, ensuring lines are not sharp and running down the nose. This technique is used over the actresses with big noses where more definition is given to the bridge of the nose and contour with two straight lines to provide more illusion to a more sculpted bone structure.

Tip Contouring

To make the nose tip more sculpted, you need to add a little bit of contouring and think it is a shadow with the color of bronzer. Make sure you are not seeing the line or any types of redness. Blend with translucent powder for easily diffusing the product. Sculpt the nose after bronzing and contour the rest of the face. It will help you understand the little product needed for the nose and what else you need to contour.

Intensify the Color

You need to intensify the color for the natural shadow, which is too subtle. It doesn’t matter your skin tone, anyone; you can contour the nose. People with deep skin shade should focus on highlighting the bridge to create depth for contouring along the sides. Although nose contouring is not essential for everyday routine, if you want to do it ideally, make sure you have practiced the natural appearance to achieve a soft and sculpted look.

Guide To Do Perfect Nose Contouring

Here we have shared the step-by-step guide for nose contouring.

Take Baking Powder

Once you are done with the foundation and concealer, take a triangle sponge and apply it to both sides of the nose. Set with baking powder under the eye area and cheekbones.

Warm Blush

Take a Blusher on a powder brush and drag it down to the nose bridge. You can have warm shades which look great for the Asian skin tone

Blend it properly

It’s essential to blend it properly with baking powder for at least 10-15 minutes. Dust the excess power and blend the Blusher.

Highlighter and Bronzer

Highlighter is essential to enhance the nose definition, and you need to take a tapered brush for this. Always use the lighter shade to highlight the bridge and tip of the nose.

Final Thoughts

These are the few essential tips and tricks for nose contouring to create the illusion of sculpted face and body features. You can easily get rid of chubby cheeks with a little blush application. The trick of nose contouring is very simple, which will leave a powerful impact on the face. You should know these techniques and apply them to get a good nose shape.

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