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How to Draw a Cartoon Moon 

Draw a Cartoon Moon 

How to Draw a Cartoon Moon

Cartoon moon drawing in just six steps. For this reason, it has often been featured in various works of art that showcase its beauty. You will be able to create moon-featured artwork yourself in this guide on how to draw a cartoon moon! This fun design will also show a lighter side of this famous nocturnal fixture. The steps we have presented will show how easy it can be to draw this drawing and how fun it is! So prepare to have a wonderful while operating on this step-by-step guide on drawing a cartoon moon in just six easy steps! cartoon drawing

How To Draw Cartoon Moon – Allows Call Activated!

Step 1

We’ll start things off simply by starting this cartoon moon design. In this guide, the moon takes on various visual appearances due to its position relative to the Earth and depicts it as a crescent. Rather, this moon will have a delightful look structure, and we’ll start that face off at the nose. The nose will be turned using a simple rounded line to the left. Next, we’ll draw the inner edge of the “body” of the moon. This will be drawn using a curved line, which will go behind the nose you just removed. Once these points have been released, we can drag them onto the double step of the manual!

Step 2 – Now remove the remainder of the body of the moon

In this double step of focusing on attracting a comic moon, we will draw the right side of the moon’s body. To do this, we’ll draw another large curved line that starts and ends where the two curved lines you drew for the inner part started and ended. As demonstrated in our reference image, this will result in a crescent shape with two pointed spikes. That’s all you must do for this stage, and then we can move on to the third part of the guide!

Step 3 – Next, draw some additional details on the face

Now that the shape of the moon’s body is finished, we can form, pulling other elements of the face. Particularly, we will remove the visions of the moon outside the snout. These are cohesive into two oval shapes, each with a smaller shape inside. Then the internal elliptical figures will separately have a considerable ebony bubble inside. Next, we will add another curved line below the eye on the right, and this will serve as the cheek. Finally, you can finish the face by drawing two large, curved eyebrows above the eyes. These will complete the expression, and you will be ready to answer step 4!

Step 4: Now, draw the mouth.

In this next step, we’ll finish the face details of your cartoon moon drawing! For this part, we will draw the moon’s smiling mouth. First, extend a slightly curved line from the base of the nose, then extend it into a curved smile. The tip of the moon’s lip will also be rather pointed. The mouth will be open, and we will draw rounded lines for the tongue inside. Finish with another simple curved line under the lower lip, and then you’ll be prepared for some last pieces and parts in the subsequent degree of the direction.

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your Drawing

Before we bring this moon to life with stunning colours in the final step of this guide on drawing a cartoon moon, we’ll first add some finishing touches to finish it off nicely. Once we’ve added these details, you can also add your ideas for additional details! We added several small oval shapes to the moon’s surface for our design. Each has a simple ledge inside to make them look like holes in the surface. Each will also have a few small lines surrounding them for added depth. Once these are added, you should feel free to add your additional details! There are so many fun pictures you could opt for, from drawing stars in the background to adding alien spaceships. What else can you think of to complete this lovely drawing?

Step 6: Finish your drawing with colour.

This is the last step of this tutorial, and we’ll end it with some colours! In our reference image, we show you a set of colours that you could use.

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