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How to draw a tiger for children.

How to draw a tiger for children.

Learn to draw a tiger for kids step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial for schoolchildren and preschoolers. Hello to all the children! Our artists have drawn animal drawings many times, but this is the first time that we have made such a simple lesson on how to draw a tiger for children. Before removing a tiger, we suggest you get to know this animal better.

The tiger belongs to a species of carnivorous mammal of the feline family. The tiger is one of the giant land wolves. Tigers inhabit many landscapes: rainforests, bamboo thickets in the tropics, dry savannahs, semi-deserts, taiga in the north, etc. Interesting? Drawing beasts is one of the primary activities for aspiring artists. Thanks to our drawing guide, following simple steps, you will have a finished drawing of a tiger in just a few steps. With this education, you will also learn how to draw ovals, rotations, and smooth lines.

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Now let’s move on to the step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a tiger.

  • The time needed: 15 minutes.
  • How to draw a tiger for children.

1. First, draw the tiger’s head.

Draw a small oval, and press lightly on top. Imagine putting a round balloon on the ground and slightly pushing it down with your hand. This is around the form you should get.

2. Ensuing, draw the body of the tiger.

In the lower right part of the head, draw an oval. The tiger’s body should be slightly wider than the muzzle but not too long.

3. Next, let’s draw the ears and tail. 

Draw the ears on top of the head, small and rounded. The ears should be placed at the same distance from the edge of the oval. But do not place them on the sides!

Now let’s draw a tail for our animal. With a smooth and neat encircling line, we will represent a snake that has risen to look around.

4. Now, you need to draw the face of a tiger. 

Draw the eyes in small even circles with small bold dots in the center. Then we will depict the nose: draw a small triangle, the sides slightly protruding. Draw a mouth under the nose, and make it in the form of two adjoining semicircular lines.

5. We draw paws. 

To conduct in the jungle, a tiger cub requires legs. Draw the tiger’s paws as in our image: parallel lines connected in a semicircle.

6. Drawing of the final touches. 

We are almost drawn to our animals. But the tiger cub is missing stripes! Let’s depict them first on the face: small, slightly elongated triangles on the cheeks and a tiny one on the forehead. Next, we will show three stripes on the back with identical long triangles. The bases are located on the back of the animal and tend to the bottom. In the same way, we create streaks on the tail.

7. Color the drawing of the tiger. 

We will paint the animal itself dark orange. The eyes will be white and the pupils black. We paint the nose in a dark red color and adhere to the color tone. And the stripes will be brown.

You can use the exact colors as ours or apply other stains. If you followed the instructions, you have a detailed tiger drawing. You’re great! We hope you enjoyed our lesson: How to draw a tiger for beginners, as we are testing it for you and your positive emotions.

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