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How to draw an anime dog step by step.

How to draw an anime dog step by step.

Drawing an anime dog is easy with this video and step-by-step drawing instructions—dog drawing for beginners and children. 

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Step 1

Although there are different styles and characters in the anime, it is often stylized and exaggerated instead. This is true for the design we will be doing in this tutorial on how to draw an anime dog. For the first part of this tutorial, we will focus on the shape of the dog’s head and face. For the base of the face, we will use some short lines. They will be used to make a face more wrinkled. You can also pull the edges of the head, and they will extend to some large, pointed ears that you can pull with a few nice lines. Finally, we will draw a large curly pair between the ears and spread it over the face. 

Step 2: Now, draw some details on the face and the mirror he is wearing.

You have completed the first sketch, and in this second part of your anime dog drawing, you will add some details and interior elements. Let’s first look at some of the sunglasses we’ll be wearing. They will be drawn with several circles near the top of the head, and then you can add a small circle in each circle. Then use some bends for thin straps to keep them secure up to the head. Next, we will draw the dog’s eyes. In typical anime fashion, they would be enormous and expressive. Finally, draw a small triangle in front of the nose, and then for the mouth, spread some curved lines from the base. Finish with some details inside the ear, and then we move on.

Step 3: Pull the starting point of the legs and torso.

You have finalized the puppy moderator, and in this third phase of creating an anime dog tutorial, we will start firming on the body. First, we will draw the sooner pins. The pose we have of this dog shows him protruding with his forepaws, and the shapes of these legs can be drawn with simple curves with details of small wrinkled lines to add fur. Finally, you can pull the dog back for this step. This will be drawn with a simple curved line extending upwards, as shown in the reference figure. Then it’s time for step 4!

Step 4: Follow the hind legs out.

Continuing with this anime dog drawing, we will add the dog’s hind legs. First, draw a circle with a single curved line that extends from the dog’s back to his abdomen. Then draw another long, thin, and round shape on the back for the bottom of the leg. Before we move on to the final details in the next step, complete this section by making some small circles for the feet.

Step 5: Include final details in your anime dog drawing.

To complete the design before proceeding to the final stage of this anime dog tutorial, we’ll add a large bushy tail. It will be made with several sharp bends so that they connect to form a complete tail. Once you have added this add-on, you can add some extra details and your ideas! It’s fun to draw a background to tell you what this anime dog is doing. What kind of settings do you think this dog might have?

Step 6: Complete your anime dog drawing with color.

Now you can style this anime dog drawing if you add some colors! Anime characters are usually brightly colored, but they can also be more obscure in appearance. We used some nice brown for the dog coat, and then we used gold for the glasses’ lenses with blue color. When coloring your artwork, do you think you would choose a similar color or a bolder, brighter color scheme? Whatever you choose will look great, and we can not wait to get it!

Your drawing of anime dogs is ready!

You have completed this tutorial on how to style an anime dog, and now you know everything you need to know about creating this awesome design! We hope you enjoy the experience and that it is easy to navigate the steps we have outlined. Now that you’ve completed this tutorial, share your thoughts and additions! You can even take what you have learned to design your own unique animal anime characters!

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