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How to Export Emails from Office 365 Admin Center? Simple Solution 

You are reading this article as you want to export emails from your Office 365. There are some user-queries, for instance when an employee leaves the company, Or when you want to export emails from O365 to another email client. As an admin, the user can simply export emails from Office 365 admin center.

So, this write-up will be focusing on the same operation and will provide you the best approach. Keep reading this article to know the best solution to export.

Reasons to Export Emails from Office 365 Admin Center:

There are primarily two reasons why a user wants to migrate mailboxes. Many more reasons could be there, but these are the primary and common reasons.

  1. 1. Get the Backup.

Sometimes, you are having email data on Office 365 and one day you are not able to access it because of improper internet connection, at that time it becomes difficult on an urgent basis to read or work. There are other disadvantages that can oppose you to access your data. In that, desktop email clients such as MS Outlook is safe to keep your data and backup becomes handy when events like data losses or any ransomware attacks occur.

  1. Create storage space

PST as compared with Office 365 format files are a bit more compact i.e., you can save a lot of space if you convert your files from Office 365. And user can access their data anytime, anywhere as PST takes the backup of data offline. And from a business point of view, it is very important, best option and at the same time save a lot of time and space. Migrating from Office 365 to PST can save a lot of money which will be a beneficial reason.

As per your choice, you can decide which email client you want to choose to transfer your Office 365 email data to PST. Currently, we will be explaining the manual procedure to export Office 365 admin center data into Outlook PST format. Most professional personality uses Outlook for their daily work.

Manual Process to Export Office 365 Data to PST Format

Office 365 administrative tool avails all the options that a user is required to export their files to PST. To use this method, you should have some understanding of how it works, and it also takes time. Manual steps using eDiscovery are mentioned below.

Step 1. Log in to your Office 365 portal access the MS Office365 admin center and select Exchange.

Step 2. Now in the Exchange Admin center, go to permissions>Admin roles, and select Discovery Management.

Step 3. In Discovery Management, include Mailbox Import Export role, by using plus button add yourself.

Step 4. Now go to Compliance Management and select In-place eDiscovery and hold.

Step 5. You will notice a “+” sign. Click that to create a new search query by giving the name and description of the search and click Next to move further.

Step 6. Under Mailboxes, go for any of the following options available as per what you want and select Next.

Step 7. In the search query, provide the details for searching and select Next.

Step 8. Now, in the In-Place Hold settings, the user can do an in-place hold of Search items.

Step 9. Finally, select compliance management and choose the button to export Office 365 emails to Outlook PST. Then the PST export tool will be downloaded to export the PST files.

Step 10. In the eDiscovery PST Export Tool, you can browse the path to save the exported PST file. And then select Start to initiate the process.

Step 11. To complete the process, Office 365 credentials will be asked to complete the process.

Step 12. After exporting, you can access your PST file in your existing Outlook profile.

Note – As per the experts, It is highly recommended to use avoid this manual method if you have a large volume of data to export, for a small amount of data this manual process is suitable.

Limitations of Manual Process TO Export Emails from Office 365 Admin Center

Some of the limitations of using the manual solution are:

  1. Using manual solutions is complicated.
  2. Becomes difficult for those who have proper technical knowledge
  3. The process contains very long and confusing steps to export data.

Automated Solution for Bulk Export Office 365 Emails to PST

After talking about the manual approach and its limitations it explains that users can struggle during the exporting process. So, to make that process of converting easier, SysTools has created the Most Secure & Reliable Office 365 Export Software. It is useful to export emails from Office 365 to PST, EML, MSG formats without losing any data which is a hassle-free solution as it is user-friendly for non-technical users. So, we have mentioned the step to use this software to export O365 data.

  1. Launch the Software and login and select the necessary User ID.
  2. Select the format in which you want to export (In this case we will choose PST format).
  3. Select the email format and Categories as required. Also, apply the date filters.
  4. Browse to navigate and select the destination location to save the exported data and Select Start.step4
  5. After the process completes, you can view files in the saved location.

Note – Before initiating the export process, the user must enable the IN-Place Archive mailbox. Otherwise, a window prompt box will be shown which will restrict the user to continue the process.

Wrapping Up

With the help of this article, we have understood why users should export Office 365 mailboxes and users can export their mailbox data from Office 365 to PST(Outlook) using the manual solution, but it did contain some limitations and to avoid that, there is an automated solution which is easy to use and to transfer mailbox data from Office 365

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