How to Get the Right Size when Ordering Work Uniforms Online?

Getting accurate size for work uniforms for your employees is essential for your employees

When ordering online, be it work uniforms for your employees or yourself, it is important to keep in mind to get the right size for you. Most of the time, the size guide provided on the online clothing store is confusing. And you end up ordering a size that does not suit you well.

Why is it Important to Get the Right size?

Employees must be comfortable with what they are wearing. If the work attire is too big or too small in size, the worker would feel uncomfortable and may be prone to accidents in the workplace. It would be really difficult to work in an outfit that does not fit you well. However, when the staff is happy with their attire they would be more motivated to work. To ensure that the size is always right you can order custom women’s work pants and custom men’s work pants and be free of worry!

Getting the wrong size for work uniforms won’t just be a waste of money but would also be embarrassing and demotivating. This is why we have a detailed guide that will help you order workwear that will suit you just right!

Size Charts can be Confusing

There is never a concept of one size suits all for workwear. Almost all of the clothing brands offer measurement charts on their websites. So, you can pick one which is good enough for you. But with so many different scales of measurements and country-based sizes like UK, USA, European, and others, you can get confused.

There is also a problem in relating these proportions to the actual garment. Therefore, if the garment measurements are included, this will help you a little. Since it can tell you better about the sizes.

Finding the Right Size

While online shopping gives you the luxury of choosing at your own pace. It does not give you the luxury of trying anything on. This is why finding the right size can feel like an impossible task. Although there are standardized measurements available and every store has a size guide. Yet, online shopping can be hard.

To find the right size that will look good on you, you need to learn how to measure yourself. Once you have the correct measurements you can tally the charts according to your measurements and select your size.

Know Your Measurements 

Once you know your key measurements, save them somewhere so that you can refer back to them whenever needed. After writing these down make sure, they are similar to the fitting of the clothes you already own.

Another key point to remember is that when you measure yourself it will be the full circumference of your body. Whereas, those numbers that are mentioned on the size chart would be half as they just work with half the circumference of the body.

Now, let’s discuss how to measure for the right fitting.

For Trousers

When buying trousers, you have to check the proper fitting of four places. These are the front rise, hips, waist, and inseam.

Front rise 

Find a pair of trousers that you are currently wearing and measure it correctly from the middle. The part where your zipper and button are stitched. This will give you the length of the front rise. Make sure to follow the cure with your measuring tape.


It is suggested that you do not measure the hips of your trousers but rather your own. You should wind the tape around the widest part of your hips to get the correct reading. Try and keep the tape straight for this.


This measurement is not needed when the waists are elasticated. However, if the waistbands are fixed you need to measure from the top edge of the waistband. You can do so by checking the waist of your favorite trouser.


To measure the inseam, you can take any trouser that fits you well and measure the inside area that runs from the ending of the front rise down to the edge of the hem.

For the Top

To get the correct measurements for the top you have to measure the following, using one of the shirts that currently looks perfect on you. The measuring shirt should neither be too tensed nor too loose.


It is key to getting the right estimation. To do so you can take your shirt and spread it out on a flat surface. It should be completely flat and all spread out. Put your measuring tape right underneath the arm, and measure straight across till you reach the edge of the second underarm seam. Note down the reading and make sure you are not stretching the garment while measuring.

Try and measure the widest part across your chest, this will give you an idea of how tight or loose the garment will be on you. You can then compare your reading with the one on the clothing site.


To assess the length, use the shirt as previously mentioned. Put the tape at the shoulder seam and run it down across the front till you reach the hem of the shirt. This will give you the accurate length of your shirt.

Hem Width

Last but not least is the measurement of the hem width. This can be done by simply measuring the hem of any of your existing shirts. Lay it down flat on the ground and measure the hem by placing the tape precisely over the shirt.

After obtaining these readings, you can compare them to any online chart and see which size there would be perfect for you and order away!

Play Safe – Go Custom with Made-to-Order Work Uniforms

We have provided you with complete details of how to get ready-made uniforms that fit you accurately. But if you are still skeptical about ordering online and feel that it might not suit you. Then feel free to get custom-made uniforms. You can easily get custom women’s work pants and shirts and custom men’s work pants and shirts. These will be exactly according to your size and you would have to worry about nothing.

Moreover, if you are ordering for your staff you can get custom-made sizes for small, medium, and large to accommodate their needs.

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