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How To Hire Top Developers Without Making Multiple Offers?

Recruiters make offers. Developers reject. Age after age, this is how organizations try to hire top developers. However, it's time to change.

“Okay, Sarah, our lead developer has put in their notice period. This time, we can’t make any mistakes. We need to hire top developers only.”

— every project manager to the HR team

So, we have all been here with people quitting left and right! Now, at this juncture, all that remains is to understand the secret to what people actually want! So, how do you hire top developers?

Honestly, the answer would be to actually chalk out what you want from a developer! By now, you have already heard the best possible alternatives! However, one more way goes beyond the modicum of traditional recruitment.

You have heard it all, from removing the word ‘top’ from your vocabulary to creating value for your potential hire. Here’s a method that will help.

Hiring The Top Developers Can Be As Easy As Applying Butter On Your Bread.

We at BEEU Tech realized that most companies face the problem of ‘quality’. Believe it or not, money isn’t the deciding factor in the end.

Quality for an organization is actually ‘performance’ paired with ‘loyalty’.

As all the answers on Quora suggest➡️ your best bet as an organization is to create value.

However, did you know a fact about what developers actually face?

Developers face this exact problem too.

Developers often join organizations in the hopes of:

  • Finding better compensation.
  • Growing in a particular field/technology.
  • Better work-life balance.
  • Mental & physical well-being.
  • Adding value to their careers.

However, most don’t find all of the above in the traditional employment model. This is the reason why people look towards freelancing.

As an employer, you must provide these basics to retain your existing talent. Indeed, talent does not stop, but it never meant that you could never get access to it.

That is how we developed our solution. Wondering what it is?

It’s one word➡️ RIGHT-sourcing.

Right-sourcing: A New Way To Hire Developers

It’s basically outsourcing done right. With remote work on a contract basis, you can actually get the ‘top’ talent working for you. (and that too on a budget you are comfortable with)

Now, why does that work for everyone?

Well, the science is solid. Here’s why⬇️

  • Firstly, expectations are apparent, and everything is done based on a contract.
  • Secondly, the engagement models operate on providing you convenience.
  • Thirdly, you have greater control and lesser costs.

Once you eliminate the concept of replacement costs, you can boost your development. Our solution has kept both developers and organizations pleased to an optimum level.

For developers, it’s getting ensured gigs with on-time payments and manageable work. Meanwhile, for organizations, it’s a way of getting the job done at lower costs with greater control!

What Is Your Best Resource To Hire Developers?

This is how we at BEEU Tech have helped over 250+ Organizations find and hire developers that are right for them. With Pre-vetted Dedicated Resources and 72 Hours Guaranteed Deployment time, hiring developers is as easy as counting 1,2,3!

So, to sum it up, the best practice is to keep your expectation clear and seek what you actually need. There are a lot of solutions beyond the traditional hiring process!

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Why waste hours after hours looking for the perfect profile? Especially when you can cut that process short. Stop wasting your time screening and preening through scores of profiles! Get pre-vetted dedicated software developers across multiple technologies. Choose from a pool of authentic experienced talent. Outsourcing is the new black! Choose from multiple models of engagement, and customize your hiring as per your requirements! Sounds too good to be true? Check the link on our bio!

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