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How to import the Outlook Express messages to Outlook?

import Outlook Express messages to Outlook

The theme completely emphasizes in this blog we will be discussing how to import Outlook Express DBX files into Outlook. Complete writing provides users with a complete and reliable solution based on manual and default methods. The user can rely entirely on content about migration.

Importing Outlook Express DBX File to Outlook

A complete technical guide is based on the process of converting Outlook Express to Outlook PST. It also focuses on ways users can send DBX to Outlook PST when both Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express are installed on the same machine. We all know that Microsoft Outlook Express can be described as a free tool with very easy communication as a postal system. Emails and account information can be easily moved from Outlook Express to MS Outlook. In the Outlook Express field, all folders are aligned with a single file. By just human names we can say that Outlook Express Inbox Folders are associated with a single file namely, Inbox. DBX.

However, it can be said that Outlook all mail messages are stored as a specific file. For example, users have different Outlook and Outlook Express access machines, they can easily find and copy all folders as a requirement to transfer Inbox. DBX to MS Outlook.

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Reasons of importing

Reasons to Move Outlook Express to Outlook In the section below, we will meet the great need to import the Outlook Express DBX file into PST. Therefore, prepare and read the section below carefully.

  • Outlook Express is only valid for Windows XP and Windows XP is prone to viruses. In such cases, when users need to update Windows, they face many problems using Outlook Express. And if we take Outlook as a reference, it is fully compatible with all updated Windows operating systems such as 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and below.
  • Outlook Express is a completely slow application and puts people in trouble because of its speed problems. But, MS Outlook is good in terms of speed and productivity. Therefore, users prefer Outlook over Outlook Express
  • One of the major reasons for the DBX migration to PST is that Outlook Express not only provides services such as emails and contacts but Outlook offers many services such as emails, journals, to-do lists, contacts, notes, and much more.

Thus, a user tends to import their DBX files to Outlook format.

Methods to transfer the Outlook Express files manually

A user looks u to the free method to transfer their Outlook Express messages to Outlook. The manual method involves these steps;

Step 1: If both Outlook and Outlook Express are configured on the same machine

First, users need to open the Import and Export Tool to transfer DBX files to PST. Select any one option depending on the version of MS Outlook installed.

  1. Open MS Outlook 2010, click File >> Open >> Import
  2. For Outlook 2007 users, Open the file menu and click the Import and Export option
  3. Click Import Internet Mail and Addresses >> Next
  4. Select Outlook Express >> Select Import-mail-checkbox
  5. Click Next and then the Finish button and save to the Inbox option. Save to Inbox saves a copy of the import summary into the Inbox to export .dbx files to MS Outlook.

Method 2: When Outlook and Outlook Express are working on Different Machines

To copy Outlook Express data to a shared location, send MS Outlook Express to Outlook. The user needs to copy the folders to that system where Outlook has already been set up.
Follow the steps below to complete the whole process of importing an Outlook Express DBX file into an Outlook account:

  1. Copy Outlook Express Folders first
  2. Go to the Tools menu, in the Outlook Express Program where the Outlook Express email account is fully set up
  3. Click Options and then the Maintenance tab
  4. Select the Outlook Express System dialog box and click Saved Folder

The default view can also be changed in Windows Explorer to check hidden folders. This must be because the Outlook Express folder is located in an internal/hidden folder. Users can select any option to move DBX to Outlook to import Account Name and Settings from Outlook Express.

The steps are easy to do just 6 in number.

  1. With MS Outlook
  2. Click Open and select Import from File
  3. With Microsoft Outlook 2007
  4. Select Import and Export available in File Menu
  5. Users can also select Click Import-Email-Settings-Account and after that, click Next.
  6. Outlook Express can be easily selected and click the Next option

When the whole process is complete, follow the same steps mentioned in the section above where Outlook and Outlook Express are installed on the same or different machines.

Use of DBX Third-Party Tool to PST File Conversion:

Importing an Outlook Express DBX file into an Outlook PST file for any version is a common task that most home users and professionals need at any given time. Therefore, part of the internet or stores is full of many third-party tools from different products alike. However, you need to be very good at judging them before you go through the empty import process without converting DBX into a PST file format. It is recommended that you use DBX to PST Converter to make your job easier. The steps are as provided;

  1. Open the app
  2. Add the DBX files
    Browse DBX File
  3. Preview these files
    Outlook Express to Outlook
  4. Select the PST format
  5. Get a path to save the converted DBX files
  6. Finally, click on the convert now button
    Export DBX to Outlook

These are the steps that a user has to go through for importing the DBX messages to PST format. Also, the method is easy to be used by every user.


We have discussed the methods both manual and professional to convert DBX to Outlook. The tool is super easy to use and is the more reliable solution as compared to the manual method. Also, a demo version is available for the users to know more about the tool.
Try the tool now!

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