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How to Make Eyelash Boxes

There are several options for materials for your Eyelash Boxes, including cardstock, paper, and foil. One of the easiest is the cube box.

If you are a fan of mascara, you may have already noticed that eyelash boxes are a great way to display them. However, there is more to eyelash packaging than meets the eye. You should also consider its shape, size, design, and material. These factors will help you find the best box to showcase your eyelashes. Continue reading to learn more about eyelash boxes. Then you will be on your way to a glamorous new look!


There are several options for materials for your Eyelash Boxes, including cardstock, paper, and foil. One of the easiest is the cube box. This type is the simplest to assemble. You will find a ribbon tied around the box if you wish. But many professionals opt not to use a ribbon. Begin by folding the paper in half, then unfolding it to reveal the final shape of the box. Then, glue one side of the paper with the patterned side, and apply it tightly.


When you want to sell your eyelashes, you need to make sure you get the best packaging possible. The box you use must be beautiful and unique to attract attention. Paper eyelash boxes come in all shapes and sizes, including rectangles, hearts, triangles, brows, waterdrops, and more. You can also have your boxes customized so that customers will notice them more. Aside from the box’s look, it’s also important to make sure that the box is functional and protects your eyelashes.


You may be looking for eyelash packaging that is the right size to display your products. However, the box size is only one of the factors. There are a lot of eyelash packaging styles to choose from. Your boxes should be sturdy enough to hold the eyelashes you sell. You should also make sure that they are well-sealed so that the eyelashes remain safe and sound.


The easiest box to make is a cube box. It can be made by folding a piece of paper in half so that the top and bottom layers are aligned. Then, put glue on the patterned side and press it tightly. Once the glue is dry, you can attach the lash packaging. This way, you can keep the lash packaging in place without having to worry about glue smearing.

Types of Boxes:

There are a few things to consider when you need to buy eyelash boxes. The most important thing to remember is that box size and shape matter when it comes to eyelash packaging. There are a few different types of boxes, and you need to choose the one that suits the size of your eyelashes the best. You can either go for cardboard or hardboard. The former will be more cost-effective, as it’s foldable and is cheaper than the latter. Cardboard is also an ideal choice for eyelash stores and supermarkets because it comes in a large number.


Besides providing a convenient and safe place to store your lashes, eyelash boxes also come with several add-ons. Custom-designed cardboard or die-cut cardboard inserts provide additional protection and hold your eyelashes in place. Besides the basic features like a lid, eyelash boxes can also come with a window. In addition, eyelash boxes can also be customized with your logo or design. Some eyelash boxes can be made out of acrylic or plastic, which can help you save on shipping costs.


Purchasing eyelash boxes wholesale is an excellent way to save money and maintain a consistent brand image. Bulk purchasing allows for a wide variety of packaging options and can be a great way to save money on printed ink and materials. Wholesale boxes can also save you money because you can get them at a discounted price from a wholesale vendor. These boxes can be used for other purposes, such as promoting your brand or highlighting your eyelashes in the market.


When it comes to custom eyelash boxes, you will find a lot of options. These packaging options can be molded into the desired shape and decorated. They can also be used to hold a lash extension. Some boxes even come with a removable cardboard insert that helps users easily remove the lash. Custom Printed Boxes can help you promote your brand in a unique way.


The eco-friendliness of eyelash boxes is one of the latest trends in the packaging industry. While ordinary cartons add a layer of bright film, eco-friendly eyelash boxes can be naturally degraded, thus preserving the planet. The simplest eyelash box is often made of paper, which is an eco-friendly material. This packaging method also reflects the humanization of design and environmental protection.

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