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How to make lentil soup- a perfect lentil soup recipe?

Indian Pulses

Lentils belong to the legumes family, they are tiny in size and grow in pods. These are the staple food of most countries, including Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia. They come in red, brown, and green color varieties. Lentils contain a high amount of proteins and fibers. Owing to their low cost, these are easily accessible in form of great protein sources for every family class category. They are nutrients rich and known for boosting health, containing various nutrients apart from protein. India is the top quality pulses producer which gives a surge to the Pulses Supplier in India to gain traction in the pulses market by serving all across the world. 

Hearing about Lentil’s soup might be sounding boring to some of you. Nevertheless, taste speaks better than thinking, it’s time of switching your drinking regular soups from lentil-made soup. Also, it is one of the good food items that a health-conscious person can easily incorporate into their diet without any guilt.

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One important question that must be running through your head is what type of lentils you can use for preparing lentil soup.

    • Dry lentils are the best for providing a good texture to the soup.
    • One can use canned cooked lentils but this can create a little difference, giving you an undesired soup texture.
    • All color lentils can be used for preparing lentils soup, except puy lentils, these are not recommended because they won’t be softened which affects the soup’s thickness and consistency

Let’s have an eye on the lentil soup Recipe

  • The first step is to saute garlic, onion, carrot, and celery on low heat for at least ten minutes. The longer you saute on a low flame the more they will create mesmerizing flavors for soup.
  • Add vegetable stock tomatoes, cumin, parsley, lentils, and oregano for the taste. And do not forget spices touch. Afterward, add water as per the estimation of the number of lentils.
  • Cover your pan with a lid and simmer your soup on low heat for at least 45 minutes or until the lentils and vegetables are cooked and soft.
  • Lastly, end up your soup-making by squeezing and zesting a lemon into it. Believe me, adding lemon juice at the end, will enhance your soup taste with its freshness.

Pulses benefits that you might not be aware of

Consuming plant-based foods reduce the risk of many lifestyle-related diseases. Eating healthy plant-based foods increases the life span of people compared to unhealthy eating consumers. As they consist of essential vital nutrients, like vital vitamins, minerals, and some antioxidant properties. Which fight against free radicals, the substance that may lead to inflammation and cancer disease. 

Promote good Heart health

Lentils are fiber-rich food items that consist of folic acid and potassium, which promote good heart health. It is suggested the increased consumption of high-fiber-based food items can reduce the level of low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol. 

Replace your protein source, lentils are the perfect substitutes for meat. In research, it is found a person who consumes meat is comparatively bound with higher heart disease risk, than a person who intakes plant-based protein sources.

Reduce Cancer cells formation

Lentils possess selenium compounds. Which slows down tumor production, it is simultaneously known for strengthening the immune system by producing T cells, that kill bad bacteria. 

Selenium has the potential to reduce the rates of prostate, colorectal, skin, bladder, and gastric cancer. 

Helps in fighting fatigue

Iron deficiency in the body leads to fatigue. Fatigue slows down the body’s functioning and min deactivation. Heme and non-heme are two irons our body requires. 

Combining your iron-based diet with vitamin C-rich foods that are citrus, berries, and lemon. These foods improve heme and non-heme absorption rate. 

Treat severe constipation

Lentils are fiber-rich food that helps in the weight loss practice by the proper functioning of the digestive system as bulking agents.

Additionally, it reduces appetite and calorie intake. Also, they give you a sense of fullness.

High fiber content improves bowel movement and provides a massive treat major constipation issues. 

Types of Indian pulses

Brown lentils–  are cheap and soft while cooking, they are considered best for soups and stews.

Green Lentils– remain firm and thick and are good to make salads and taco toppers.

Red Lentils– have a mild taste and are known to bulk other pulses and purees. 

Conclusion: pulses are packed with numerous nutrients that are vital to run our body efficiently. And a great vegetarian protein source. The best thing is one can have a protein-rich diet on a regular basis at a low cost. In our Indian grocery stores, pulses are the top demanded food items which open ups the gate for Wholesale Indian grocery suppliers.

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