How to move alone without any stress?

You have decided to take the plunge and move: this new stage in your life is not trivial and can cause you stress, especially if you have to move alone. Depending on your age, your life journey, and the availability of your loved ones, this can happen. The important thing is to organize yourself so as not to waste time or energy. From the boxes to the move itself, we give you our best tips and advise you on moving aids.

Preparatory steps are tedious but essential to move alone

You want to move and hire a moving company. Before terminating your lease or putting your home up for sale, make sure that the new home you are about to move into meets all your needs. Real estate decisions commit you over several months, even several years, and it is important not to start on a whim. Do not hesitate to list all the parameters: location, proximity to transport, cost of living, work, schools, etc.

Once you decide, you have between one and three months to plan the move. But how to carry out this anticipation? By purchasing standard boxes, estimating the volume to be moved, and planning the moving equipment and other necessary protective packaging materials. Start with ruthless sorting. Anything that hasn’t served you for a year probably won’t serve you anymore. Give superfluous items to your friends or to a pick-up point near you. If you have valuables, resell them or take them to a specialty store that will charge a small commission.

To prepare the boxes, you can request the rental of special equipment from a moving company in order to properly pack your trinkets. Clearly mark the contents of each box or create a numbered and detailed inventory on the computer.

Calling on professional movers has a cost, but they can give you valuable advice on how to manage your small budget better, especially if you are moving an art collection, for example. Do not hesitate to ask them for a detailed estimate to compare the offers and organize your move at the best prices.

How to keep calm on D-Day?

One of the winning formulas of recent years is to rent a commercial vehicle with its driver: thus, you can control the progress of loading and unloading by being present. Of course, the cost is more attractive than delegating everything, but that depends on the size of your move.

Another trick is to use an application that puts you in touch with someone in the neighborhood who is also moving: this way; you optimize the tonnage of the truck.

The important thing is to find the service that suits your budget and your needs. Also, remember to get help with the housework, which can be difficult, especially if you are leaving a house.

Properly pack all your belongings before D-day to avoid stress at the moment. For example, cover your mattress with a mattress storage bag and all other precious items with protective packaging materials. You can easily get them from Britwrap.

And the administration in all this?

If the vehicle rental is important, it is important not to neglect the administrative procedures to be carried out to finalize your move.

Suppose you rent your new property through an agency. In that case, you may be able to benefit from free concierge services to help you open your electricity contract, your telephone line, Internet, etc.

If you change your bank domiciliation, remember to update your details using the electronic banking mobility device with all your correspondents.

In short, moving alone is not inevitable! In life, you have to be prepared for all kinds of situations. The important thing is to surround yourself well and to compare the offers.

Take a deep breath before your new beginning, and don’t forget to toast with your friends in your new home!


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