How To Permanently Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6177 On Your Desktop?

How To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6177? [Verified Solutions]

Another very common issue that is faced by the users is Quickbooks error 6177 which is caused when your company file is moved to another location. And this causes failure in retrieving the information from the moved file. Hence causing the error on your desktop. The company files whenever are created- they get auto saved in the company file folder. And not just this, even the path of the file gets saved in the folder. 

So whenever a file is moved and Quickbooks is unable to track it whenever asked by you; there is a message stating, age “We’re sorry, but QuickBooks can’t open your company file Error Codes: (-6177, 0).” So, if you are one of those who is facing Quickbooks error 6177 0 recently, this blog can help you in fixing it for good. 


What causes Quickbooks error code 6177 on your desktop?


Basically, this error can be caused due to multiple reasons and most of them are quite common. Before actually troubleshooting the error 6177 of Quickbooks you should have a look at these reasons to figure out which amongst these will be causing your error.

  • It can be due to the usage of an outdated version of Quickbooks application. 
  • Another reason or cause of this error is a damaged or corrupted company file that you have commanded to access in Quickbooks.

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How to solve the issue of Quickbooks 6177 error code?

There are different ways to fix this error and that completely depends on the cause. Also, you need to follow the steps correctly to fix the issue. Here is one of the best ways to get rid of the QB 6177 error.


Solution: Updating the location of your moved file


So, one of the prime reasons why this is happening to you can be because you moved an important file. In the process you haven’t defined its path in Quickbooks. This is why the software is failing to retrieve its information. 

  • Go to the Windows “Start Menu” on any of the workstations where you are using your Quickbooks account.
  • Type, “File Explorer” and open it by clicking the enter button.
  • Now, look for “Quickbooks folder” and when you locate it, simply press “F2” on your keyboard. 
  • Look for the company file in the folder that has an extension of “.QBW.”
  • Now look at the path of the file and move the file from the folder and relocate it to the C: drive. 




This is a quite extensive solution that will help you in fixing the issue. But if due to any circumstances you are unable to get the favorable result, we strongly suggest that you connect with our technical team. They will help in diagnosing the actual cause of QuickBooks Error Code 6177 in your desktop. And once that’s done, they will also assist you in troubleshooting the problem. 

You can get in touch with our Quickbooks professional by either dialing the helpline number +1(855)-738-0359 on the screen or by simply dropping a query. If you choose the latter part, our team members will get in touch with your as soon as possible. 

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