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How to Pick the Right Pakistani Dress Style for the Occasion

International recognition for Pakistani Dress fashion has grown beyond of its national boundaries. Even though this fashion statement embodies Pakistani culture, you will see individuals from various cultures wearing it.

Selling the top Pakistani gowns has been a triumph for Rangjah and other well-known companies. People are mainly drawn to wear these well-designed outfits because of their unusual designs, alluring needlework, and superb colours.

You’ve come to the perfect location if you want to experience this time-honoured yet stylish trend. We’ll outline Pakistani clothing styles in this page along with appropriate settings for wearing them.

Shalwar Kameez

Pakistani Shalwar Kameez is a style that comes in a variety of colours, cuts, and designs. It is a two-piece outfit that consists of a loose-fitting tunic and narrowing leggings that end at the knee.

The suit is one of Pakistan’s most cosy and practical attire options, making it appropriate for both professional and casual settings. For many women, it is their go-to outfit since it looks well with a variety of earrings, bracelets, purses, and other accessories.


A dramatic wide-legged pair of trousers and a tunic that is mid-thigh length make up the gharara, a traditional Pakistani attire. The trousers usually have embroidery around the knee and extend out downward from there.

There are several styles of ghararas. Depending on your tastes, they might be hefty or light. As they precisely suit a variety of body shapes, they are adaptable and a favourite of many.

Ghararas have become too sophisticated to be worn as a daily costume. They are ideal for special events like weddings and engagements, too.


Balochi is one of the greatest Pakistani outfits to attempt if you can’t get enough embroidered patterns.

One of Pakistan’s richest civilizations, the Balochi tribe, is where the Balochi garment pattern originated. For the contemporary lady who like classic Pakistani clothing, this is the perfect ensemble. The garment contains extensive embroidery, which attracts attention and allows designers to express their creativity via a variety of patterns.

Balochi is popular among married women, but unmarried women are fast catching on. They are ideal for traditional occasions since they are a cultural garment.


Another popular Pakistani dress, the lehenga, consists of a long skirt and an appropriate blouse called a choli. Since the skirt is worn at the waist and the choli covers the chest up to just above the bellybutton, leaving the stomach uncovered, it is a distinctive and appealing way to wear.

The elaborate embroidery and decorations of lehengas make them a preferred option for many. They are often worn by brides when they make their entry. That’s not all, however.

They are perfect for a number of various celebrations and rituals because of their adaptability, including Diwali, a Haldi event, or business get-together. The aforementioned attire is a mainstay of Pakistani culture. Try any of the aforementioned looks to be a trailblazer.

Throwing a Get-Together at Someone’s

Next, we’ll discuss various themes that might be used for intimate gatherings at home. It’s also possible that you’re giving the party a break and moving it outside. That the party is being hosted outside or that the downtime is near is equally possible interpretations. Beer pong, sticker snooper, and other games will be played as a part of the conditioning. Maxi dresses, distressed jeans, shirt dresses, leather trousers, and leather pants are all acceptable options. If you’re staying in, a minimal makeup look can fine, but a few well-placed accessories or a dusting of powder will elevate your appearance to something more polished and professional.

Costume Ball

The Façade Ball is…? In contrast to the formality of a ball, a masquerade party is more relaxed and fun. Now let’s imagine your disguise. This will make things easier for you. Finding a clothing that works well with your mask is essential. You’re free to go with the same colour scheme or switch things up. Completes the ensemble. Choose between a corset or A-line dress, a pencil skirt with formal coverings, or a pencil skirt and a dress shirt. Elevating the outfit with finesse and heels is a cinch. Don’t use too many different hues. They have the potential to make you look garish and overbearing.

Having a B-Day Bash

Birthday parties are fun and easy to get dressed up for due to the fact that there is usually a theme. It’s not your birthday, so you don’t have to be the centre of attention. Some examples of this kind of clothing include cropped jackets and skirts paired with a shirt and shirt, torn jeans and a shirt paired with a shirt and blouse, one-piece Boho Pakistani formal suits, hot jeans paired with a jacket and skinny jeans, and so on. Quite a few alternatives exist.

Party with Cocktails

It’s important to follow all guidelines while throwing a mix party. Dress formally for this situation. You’ve probably heard something similar to this before, therefore it’s probably not news to you. As a side note, Do not wear a gown to a mix-and-match party if your master disapproves. Being properly attired is a safety issue. The boundary between cool and sleazy is continuously shifting.

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