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how to reduce exam fear ?


Exam time is the only time which is the most stressful time for students and at this time students are very scared if you also want to know how to reduce exam fear then this article of ours today is about this.

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In this article, we have written very well and everyone can understand it easily, so let’s start


Follow these points to reduce the fear of exam


keep your study plan ready


No matter what happens, students should always keep their study plan ready, if students do not have a study plan, then how will they study, that is why students who do not have their study plan, do not study anything properly.


It is better that students make their study plan from the beginning and then study accordingly, when you make your study plan, then you will know when and what you have to study and this is the best way to reduce exam fear.


sleep well


  Exam time is very difficult for the students, in which students do not even get a good sleep at night and due to not sleeping well, they feel irritated while studying, so they cannot do their studies well, and then they have to do their homework. Seems to be worried about the exam


A good sleep only keeps your mind fresh, only then, along with good studies, is good sleep also necessary getting good sleep is very important for every student because when a student does his studies well, then his exam fear is reduced this is the best way reduce exam fear


don’t take stress at all


Students should not take any kind of stress while doing their studies, because when you take stress, your mind does not know how to focus on one place, so you cannot do your study well, if it is said, then stress is the enemy of study.


That’s why you should study stress-free, don’t pay attention to the upcoming result, just focus on your studies and keep your focus on your syllabus, when you focus on your studies, then your coming result will also be good, being stress-free, you reduce exam fear


meet people who motivate you


You should never meet such people who put your stress with their words but meet such people who motivate you about your future and give you good advice because, like the people you meet, your mind is like this, that’s why you make the surrounding environment very positive and don’t pay attention to the talk of useless people.


take breaks in between studies


If you study continuously for many hours, then you should take a small break in the middle of your study because by reading continuously for many hours, your mind also gets tired and after getting tired, it does not know how to focus properly, that is why in the middle of the study Taking a little break in this will You’ll be able to study more effectively if you keep your mind active.




Today we have told you in this article how to reduce exam fear by reading you will be able to Overcome The Boards Phobia and you will be able to focus well on your studies, I hope that you have understood this article very well.


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