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How to resolve QuickBooks license Error After clone?

At times, you might need to clone the hard drive which QuickBooks has installed in it and there can be various reasons for this. Usually, users clone their hard drive to upgrade to different machines. However, while cloning the hard drive, you might see a certain error.  For instance, you might see a post cloning error – “QuickBooks license error after Clone”.  

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What is QuickBooks license error after Clone?

How can QuickBooks license errors be caused after a clone?

What are the things to keep in mind before fixing QuickBooks license errors after Clone?

After cloning a hard drive, what other errors might occur?

How to fix QuickBooks license errors after Clone?

What are the reasons for the occurrence of QuickBooks  License Error after clone?

Here are some of the main reasons that results in QuickBooks license error after Clone: 

QuickBooks software might be outdated. 

The Windows Operating system might be outdated. 

.QBO file might be unsaved before importing. 

Third party security programs are not letting QuickBooks install. 

The MSXML file of the window can be damaged. 

What are the things that should be kept in mind before fixing QuickBooks license error after Clone?

Before proceeding to fix QuickBooks  License Error after cloning, keep the following things in mind: 

Ensuring a valid product registration key is handy.

Create a backup of your company file before moving the company file from one computer to another. 

Make sure to have the latest version of QuickBooks. 

What are the other errors that can come up due to cloning after a hard-drive?

Error code 3371: Unable to initialize license properties.

QuickBooks registration errors.

Issue with online banking. 

Sync licensed data is disable.

What are the ways to fix QuickBooks license error after Clone?

Let us find some of the ways to fix QuickBooks  License Error after cloning: 

Solution 1: By deleting QuickBooks Entitlement data file. 

First of all, you have to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and it will open a task manager. 

Now, you need to reach the processes tab and make a click on qbw32.exe and proceed to end the task.×298.png

You need to press window+R and then type C:\ProgramsData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 (0r v6).

After clicking ok you need to locate the ECML file. 

After right clicking, go to the delete tab.

Solution 2: By updating the Windows operating system.

After going to the start button, type windows update in the search box. 

You need to now select system update from the list of programs and then check for updates. 

Install these updates and restart your system.×352.png

Solution 3: By temporarily disabling the Antivirus protection. 

Antivirus usually has different interfaces, so you need to disable the antivirus protection step by step. 

In the task bar, go to the small arrow at the bottom right corner of your computer system. 

Now you need to right click the antivirus icon and go to the disable protection tab, 

Select the time for which you have to disable antivirus.

By following these troubleshooting that are describe above,  you can easily resolve QBs  License Error after clone . If you’re still facing any issue in resolving QuickBooks License Error after clone, contact QuickBooks enterprises support at +1-888-485-0289 and our technical team will help you!


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