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How To Spot Fake Fendi Sunglasses & Eyeglasses

Fendi is an Italian luxury fashion brand established in Rome in 1925. Named after the last name of its founder couple, the brand has become all things fashion today. It has a die-hard fan following for its fashion clothing and accessories. And among all its fashion products, Fendi sunglasses are most popular among celebrities and the general public alike.

But like everything, Fendi shades also have some duplicates in the market. These fakes look almost exactly like the real ones, so people often can’t identify the difference and get cheated. However, no matter how much those producers try, they can never match the quality of Fendi sunglasses.

While the dummy shades can appear the same as the real ones, there are some features that you can evaluate and find out the difference. If you are not sure whether your eyewear is genuine and want to find out how to spot fake Fendi sunglasses or eyeglasses, here are some features you can examine to determine.

How to identify fake Fendi eyewear


The package is the first thing you should look at to identify whether your sunglasses are fake or real. Genuine Fendi sunglasses and eyeglasses come in a branded retail box. It will have a matching logo and fonts that are used by Fendi. Inside this box, you will find a case, a microfibre cloth piece, and a booklet. The cover will have the Fendi logo etched or carved on the front side of it and Fendi’s signature double F design inside.

Moreover, the microfibre cloth piece would be of good quality and feature Fendi’s iconic logo. The booklet will have clear fonts and no spelling mistakes in the texts. Apart from these things, you will also find a certificate ofauthenticity and warranty for Fendi eyewear. This certificate should come in an envelope and look like a credit card. One side of the card features the Fendi logo, and the other will have a hologram. Wrong spacing and alignment are signs that you probably hold fake Fendi sunglasses.

Name & Label

Another way you can find fake Fendi sunglasses is by looking at the inner parts of the sunglasses. Check the spelling of the Fendi logo and look for “Made In Italy” written on the arms. All authentic Fendi sunglasses will have a CE etched on temple arms, which states the European Conformity.

You should find the name Fendi on the outer part of the temple arms. This is the same for eyeglasses as well. You must find all these details in your glasses frames with precision and quality.

The next thing you want to look at is nose pads. The nose pads should be constructed with premium rubber or silicone material. They should have a smooth texture without any seams and not cause discomfort. Each nose pad should have a Fendi logo engraved on the metal piece in the centre.

Weight & Hinges

The original Fendi sunglasses and glasses frames are constructed with lightweight material, so they will be lighter than fake ones. The last check for spotting fake Fendi eyewear is the hinges. The counterfeit shades are not made from metal frames and usually have screws attached to them frames. Next, examine their movement – it should be easy and smooth without getting stuck. If your shades fail this test, you probably have fake ones.

Model Number

On the left temple arm, you will find a model number starting with F. Model number consists of lens and frame measurements. It should be printed with high-quality inc and should not come off when scratched. To ensure you are holding genuine eyewear and not fake one, cross-check this with the warranty card in the box.

Where to find genuine Fendi sunglasses and eyeglasses?

One of the best ways to save yourself from fake sunglasses is by purchasing them from the right dealer. Prefer buying Fendi sunglasses from the official Fendi showroom or authorised dealers, not from makeshift shops. Evaluate the eyewear from every feature discussed in this article. If you are purchasing them online, make sure you choose a popular and genuine eCommerce site. Research a bit about the retailer you are buying Fendi shades and glasses frames. On-site checking is not possible when you purchase eyewear online. So, make sure that your retailer offers return and refund services if you get delivered fake ones.

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