How to Successfully Integrate Animated Videos into Your Digital Marketing

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the competition and get more customers, consider using animation in digital marketing strategy. Animation can be used in many ways to grab attention and effectively convey your message. According to a study, 94% of marketers agree that videos help users better understand their products and services. In this post we will discuss some of the benefits of using animations and offers some tips to get you started.

Whether your product or service, animated video services is a useful tool for engaging your audience and building trust over time. Animation can be used at every stage of the customer lifecycle, from awareness and acquisition to conversion and retention. Let’s take a look at some ways animation can help guide prospects through the buying cycle.

Increase Brand Awareness

brand awareness

With over 500 million people watching online videos every day, it’s clear that consumers would rather watch videos than read text. The right type of animation grabs their attention, makes your content memorable, and gives you a competitive edge. Adding eye-catching graphics and engaging visuals to your digital marketing strategy can increase brand awareness and recall. Animation can be a powerful tool for producing results. Another study says nearly 93% of brands say they have acquired new customers thanks to videos posted on their social media accounts.

Increase Conversions

On average, a website visitor stays on a page for only 15 seconds. It’s important to get your message across quickly and effectively in a limited amount of time.

Animation can help engage your audience with your content and foster trust between your brand and potential customers. Research shows that adding video to your landing pages helps businesses engage more with their website visitors, resulting in more leads and customers.

Using animation as part of your digital marketing strategy also improves the user experience. This has been shown to lead directly to improved conversion rates.

Get More Information on Social Media

Social Media Information

Videos uploaded directly from Facebook are viewed more than 8 billion times a day, and the users of facebook watch more than 100 million hours of video every day.

LinkedIn posts with videos get an average of 145% more views. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Your content will be exposed to a wider audience for virtually no cost. On mobile alone, YouTube reaches a larger audience of 18-34 and 18-49-year-olds than any other cable network in the US.

Drive your digital marketing strategy to engage consumers across social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Build Trust

Building Trust

Consumers these days spend very little time on advertising. In fact, 81% avoid ads completely unless they find them useful.

The best way to reduce noise is to use custom animations that visually tell your story. In a world of increasing competition, it’s important to give people a reason to care about your brand. Animation helps build long-term trust with consumers by putting things in place from their point of view, providing helpful tips, and communicating how products fit into their daily lives.

Educate Your Audience

Adding animation elements to your marketing strategy can increase user engagement and evoke the content you publish. Keep your audience engaged with unobtrusive calls to action in each section and show how your product performs over time. Animation helps cut through the noise and present useful information in a memorable way that makes complex topics like product features and benefits easy to understand.

Keeping up With Technologically Changing Markets



As cellphones became pocket supercomputers with more processing power than NASA during the Apollo missions, networked servers began working more closely together in arrays to exponentially increase processing power. This led to cloud computing.

The combination of cloud computing and mobile his devices led to the Internet of Things or his IoT. And as a result of innovations over the past 40 years, not only has the Internet become an absolute foundation of modern life, but the vast majority of people accessing the Internet do so through their mobile devices.They use tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and even smart refrigerators.

So doing online marketing that only works well on desktop devices is no longer a good idea. People are much more likely to access the internet via their mobile path. In other words, anything you design should be able to autoscale in a reasonable way.

When someone visits your girlfriend’s website or opens a marketing message from your email, there is no need to change the screen size of the mobile device to “desktop mode”. Your website should automatically scale, and nothing should be lost when you change the size or software. When it is about the animation, there are a few things to consider.

  • Don’t Get Too Complicated

Keep It Simple, Stupid. Now you can fully animate your home page to blend perfectly with mobile and desktop devices. However, the more “moving parts” that define a website’s user- interface, the more difficult it is for visitors to use all its features.

Everyone is “mobile” these days, so when visiting certain websites, it’s often done on the go. If your website defines complex pixel-based graphics of any kind, it is likely to have loading issues, and potential customers will be impatient to see what you have to offer. There is no. So use the principle for maximum impact.

You’re finding something that has a sleek, modern look, works perfectly flawlessly, and isn’t “lousy”. Pages with too much graphic design, even if you configure them to load in almost any situation, can be “busy”. It’s important to strike a balance.

  • Consider Automatically Scalable Graphical Solutions

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a very attractive option for cost-effective marketing animation solutions. Below are some examples of SVG animations. You can have a better idea by exploring of ​​what these options look like when applied to your business.

In essence, SVG animation works on processor-instructed design principles that redraw and scale images on load. Bitmap designs work in a pixel-based digital infrastructure that doesn’t scale in the same way.

The animated SVG segues are a great way to spice up your website and make it look professional on any device. They have an “independent” feel that sets them apart from other types of web design and animations today!

The output should be more casual but keep clear about its meaning.

  • Non-Digital Animation

Old-fashioned animation can be done in a room with controlled lighting and illustrated parchment. Disney was doing well even before computing solutions came along.

Of course, the process was more complicated and costly, but still:

If you have the time, stop-motion acumen, and illustration skills, you can easily hand-draw an animation and post on YouTube with a link on the main web page. However, this is less than ideal unless you are doing this for a specific reason.

  • Advice from Technology Experts

Technology consultants know how to take advantage of technology, regardless of budget. Avoid unnecessary complexity and get the most out of your affordability without sacrificing quality or expertise.


Use these principles to keep things from getting too complicated. Vector graphics are automatically scaled because they are encoded. They are not pixel based. The hand-drawn animation is a cheap and easy way to bring your website to life. Just draw on paper with crayons, markers, or coloured pencils and record yourself speaking to create your own on YouTube. Finally, for the best overall results, seek advice from a trusted technical consultant. Digital marketing campaigns can be very difficult to manage. However, with the right approach and tactics, this is easier than ever. If you are looking for the animated marketing video services, get in touch with Logo Design Company.

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