How to Take Care of Lips During Winter Season

Dry Lips to Fab Lips

Do you know what makes your pout look terrible, even with lip colour? Dried and Chapped lips. And while you may have a lip balm well-handy in your bag, sometimes your pout needs extra care.

Your lip’s skin is highly sensitive – in fact, it is one of the thinnest areas of your face. So, to secure soft and healthy lips, here are eight lip care products Femica to add to your cart.

1. Exfoliate Three Times with Lip Scrub

Lip Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and produces a soft, supple, healthy underlayer. It also allows you to apply your favourite lipstick evenly and easily.

What’s more, exfoliation gives an instant plumping effect as it boosts blood flow and circulation, thus helping your pout appear full. However, remember to lip scrub at home only once or thrice a week – with The Man Company Lightening Lip Scrub.

2. Treat your Chapped Lips with Natural Lip Mask

Let’s be honest: no one likes a gritty, dry-looking pout. The good thing is you don’t have to with the right lip mask.

Just herbs rose-enriched lip mask is the ultimate beauty staple for your lip care routine, providing your pout with ample hydration. It comes with the goodness of exotic butter to reduce pigmentation and give rise to soft and shiny lips.

3. Use an Overnight Lip Mask for Better Care

Are you aware that your skin is more permeable at night, including your lip skin? So, applying an overnight lip mask before you hit the hay is one of the best lip care tips by Dermatologists.

While you are napping, Riyo Herbs Lip Sleeping Mask will melt away dead skin cells and lock in moisture and softness.

4. Make Sure to Apply Serum

Lip Serum benefits your pout big time and can help you take care of almost all your lip woes – dryness, darkness, ageing, thinness, you name it.

For instance, The Natural Wash Lip Serum is one of the best herbal cosmetic products for pout care that penetrates deep into your lips, making them soft, plump, and moisturized. Featuring a couple of vital ingredients, including Vitamin E, Retinol, almond and rosehip oil, it heals dry and chapped lips.

5. Don’t Ever Skip the Sunscreen

You must have heard numerous times to wear sunscreen when stepping out of your home – no matter the weather. However, protecting your lips from UV rays is just as important as your face. See, sun subjection leads to collagen decline, which causes lip thinning and discolouration.

Good news: The Earth Rhythm tinted lip balm is a lip balm with SPF of 30 that lasts all day long – keeping your pout protected and nourished.

6. Hydration is extremely important

The Klome Essentials Lip Oil goes the extra mile in the softening and hydrating department. It is formulated with 100% vegan and natural ingredients and deeply hydrates your pout while fighting pigmentation.

If you have dark or chapped lips, it’s time to say goodbye to them with this roll-on lip oil.

7. Get Herbal Lip Gel to Relieve Dark Pout

One of the best lip balms for dark lips is here to make your dream of beautiful, pink, luscious lips a reality. Sadheva’s Herbal Lip Balm is a soulful blend of Annatto seeds and oil extracted from tropical coconut that gives your lips a natural red hue.

8. Perfect, Glossy Pout with the two-in-one Lip Gloss

There are no cosmetic products out there that are as shiny and reflective as Lip Gloss. It’s effortlessly chic and glamorous.

The Aegte Lip Plumper Serum and Brightening Gloss are for those who want to give their lips – the perfect shine and deep nourishment. It contains Vitamin E and C that nourishes your lips, while Cinnamon removes dead skin cells. Besides, the natural pink shade it adds to your lips makes it all the more amazing.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for a lip care product with intense moisturizing properties or a subtle flush of colour, Femica has it all.

Visit the website today and check the beauty products Femica yourself.

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