Impacts of a Higher Working Capital Turnover Ratio on Your Business


The capital that is used on a daily basis in transactions in a business is commonly known as working capital. It is calculated by adding the assets and diminishing the current liabilities that are involved in a business.

If you wish to take a working capital loan for your business, you should know more about what working capital is and why a business needs it. Don’t worry! You are going to get all the information you need in this particular article. Let us talk further about the working capital and MSME loan.

What is a working capital turnover ratio?

The simple definition of working capital turnover is the difference between the revenue of the business and the capital that is used in the business overall.

The main role of checking the working capital ratio is to check whether the company is gaining profit, and if it does, then on what level. The main relationship between the capital funds and the revenue generated from all that. It is an effective way to check whether the company is bearing losses or gaining profits. You can take a working capital loan in order to get a headstart at the beginning of your business.

Here is the main formula for checking the net value of working capital turnover.  Average Working Capital is divided by Annual Net Sales, and the output is the answer of working capital turnover.

What is the main benefit of working capital turnover?

A high turnover working capital ratio shows that the company is gaining profits in all manner and is effectively growing. In addition, it also helps in using a company’s short-term assets and liabilities for supporting sales efficiently.

However, A strong cash flow is vital in order to achieve profits. With every dollar used as working capital, it is generating a higher amount of sales.

On the other hand, if the ratio is low, it certainly means that the company is investing more than usual inventory to generate revenue and support its sales.AS a result, it can lead to bad debts and obsolete inventory.

There are several analysts working in the professional team that helps gain a fundamental idea about the working capital turnover ratio. Everything is recorded and then compared between different SMEs in order to get a more elaborated idea about the companies.

However, it is a waste of time if the revenue is low for that particularly small and mid-sized enterprise.  Several schemes such as Stand up India scheme were launched in order to provide working capital loans to specific companies.

High working capital turnover ratio

If anyone has a higher working capital turnover ratio, it only means that the company is moving smoothly and there is no pressure whatsoever. Even with the limited funding, a company can achieve a higher turnover ratio if the company uses its inventory in a commendable way.

Suppose there is a company that has a net sale of 12 million dollars over the period of 12 months. With that, the working capital that is used in the business is 2 million dollars.

As a result, the ratio will be 6 to 0, which means that every single dollar that is spent in the working capital has generated 6 dollars worth of profit.

There is the benefit of high capital turnover ratio that it helps in maintaining a smooth operation. Which is commonly known as the net operating cycle.

When a company doesn’t have the proper cash flow or working capital to operate the business. It can lead to legal troubles, liquidation of assets, and potential bankruptcy. So, they have to have a good working capital in order to gain profits in the first place.

There are several schemes that allow individuals to attain working capital loans, including Stand up India, etc. However, to manage the working capital effectively, the company should work on inventory management. Which can help them attain a precise use of working capital.

Eventually, the company will gain profits accordingly. The company can only achieve a higher capital working turnover ratio by committing to some rules in the business.

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