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Importance of business intelligence

The digital age has brought great advances in all areas, and in the business world, we can see this in the tools that help us analyze the information that the business generates. Hence the importance of business intelligence makes it easier to know more than ever about our clients and businesses with Al Rafay Global.

Of course, that is if you know where to find that information. The data is available, as are the tools to access it, you just have to learn how to take advantage of it. In particular, business intelligence is key to a modern and effective business strategy.

What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence is the strategies and technologies used by companies to analyze data and business information. In simpler terms, it allows companies access to vital information to be successful in multiple areas, be it sales, marketing, finance, or any other division. This definition of business intelligence includes the key factor in doing this: technology.

The right business intelligence solutions will empower your organization with more actionable data, provide more insights, and facilitate more strategic decision-making.

What are the uses of business intelligence?

One of the great benefits of business intelligence is that it can be applied in almost all areas. The different areas of your company generate a large amount of data, here are some examples:

Human Resources

The Human Resources area has the ability to monitor employee productivity and measure their performance. There are tools that help you monitor compensation and payroll, as well as analysis of employee satisfaction.


Another reason for the importance of business intelligence is that it can help us monitor not only budgets but also obtain visual information on financial data, potential problem areas, and the general health of the company.


Business intelligence can dramatically improve sales performance through visualizing the sales cycle, visualizing customer churn and conversion rates, monitoring total revenue, and more. Are you still using the sales dashboard in Excel? Switch to something that really works


View the performance of your marketing campaigns in one place, for example, cost per lead, website traffic, and analytics. We share with you some of the marketing metrics for a startup with Al Rafay Global .

Why the Importance of Business Intelligence?

While not everyone is leveraging business intelligence yet, doing so can put you ahead of your competitors.

Furthermore, the world is producing more data than ever. For any business, this is great news. The data is ready to be collected, and accessing it not only improves results, but it also provides a better experience for customers and ultimately allows you to create a better and more relevant product.

So how do you access this information? Today, a large number of business intelligence tools are available that can help you monitor relevant metrics. Keep in mind that a simple spreadsheet will not achieve its full potential without a more sophisticated business intelligence tool.

For decades, BI has been the privilege of large corporations, which can afford elaborate data collection centers and the computing power to analyze it with Al Rafay GLobal. But with the development of affordable data analytics tools, small and medium-sized businesses now also have the ability to participate in the BI revolution. Its implementation will benefit all departments and areas of an organization, such as:

BI revolution

  1. Finance and accounting. BI solutions not only help plot budget and investment figures. But also provide visual insights on financial issues, overall company health, and potential holes in accounting planning.
  2. Human Resources. It allows you to track employee productivity with performance ratios, tools for setting goals and rewards, employee satisfaction analysis, and more.
  3. Marketing. It is a crucial aspect for campaigns in this area, as it analyzes consumer behaviors and their buying habits. In addition, it evaluates purchase ratios, the return on investment of the strategies, among other advantages.

Therefore, it is essential that there are specialists capable of handling all. The necessary bases so that it is possible to implement technological solutions and tools. That favor business activities.

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