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Important Tasks to Do on your Moving Day

Moving to any location is full of troubles and challenges. The reliable packers and movers are a great help to you throughout your shifting process. These difficulties test your patience each time. If you fail in managing them, you get trouble managing your move. You hatch a solid plan for just one day – the moving day. And you only aim for the affordable as well as the safe delivery of your items. Most people can’t manage their moving day. As a result, they face troubles in managing their moving process.

Well, there are many things you have to plan for the moving day. It is better to create a moving to-do list. This list will help you organize your moving day. Make sure to use this list to avoid any mistakes during your relocation.

Here is a moving checklist that will save you from any stress on your moving day:-

Important things to do at your Old Home

  • Hiring a Mover

Make sure to book the professional packers and movers Mumbai to Bangalore to start the moving process. They are experienced enough to handle your moving-related concerns efficiently. You should discuss with your movers to start the move at the scheduled time. You can also talk about anything important that is necessary during the relocation.

  • Collect important Tools

If you are on the DIY move, you should collect the necessary items for your move. You can use several things to pack and move your stuff. Some of these items include ropes, furniture dolly, furniture slider, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc.

  • Labeling your Boxes

Your move will be easy if you label all your boxes. This will let everyone know the contents of your particular box.

Labeling the boxes is a good practice as it helps you streamline your moving process. Don’t forget to label the boxes that contain your valuable and fragile goods. This will help you and your movers in delivering these goods safely to other locations.

  • Stay away from Moving Process

The trusted packers and movers can efficiently handle your move. So, you don’t have to supervise them. The best would be to let them free, and they will deliver your consignment safely. If you disturb them in their work, your moving process might become slow. Furthermore, make sure to keep your children and pets away from the movers.

  • Check your Inventory Again

Don’t forget to double-check your inventory. It will help you notice the things that you have forgotten to pack. Many people forget to pack their important items and get worried after reaching their new home. So, make sure to check your inventory list before leaving your old home.

  • Load Big Items First

It is best to first load the large belongings. Some of these items include refrigerators, dryers, washers, etc. These are the necessary things that you will load first in your new house. So, if you are on a DIY move, make sure to load big items first. It will make your move easy.

It is best to load heavy boxes on the bottom and lightboxes on them. Once you are done with it, use ropes to tie them. This will offer added security to your items. Professional packers and movers devise the best loading strategies to load your items in the moving truck. The correct positioning of these items saves them from any kind of damage during the moving process.

  • Keep all the Receipts Intact

It is best to save all your receipts throughout your move. These receipts include the ones that you receive from the rental truck companies or your movers. These receipts are important for you, at the time when anything goes wrong.

Important things to do at your New Home

  • Managing the Unloading Process

Like loading, the unloading process is also difficult for you. Make sure to check the label of each box to put it in the right room. You can easily manage your unloading process and streamline your entire moving process.

  • Check your New House again before the Unloading Process

Make sure to check your new house again. This will let you know if you have still something to set up in the new home. Start your unloading process when it is the right time to unload.

  • Talk to the Movers

Make sure to talk to your packers and movers when they arrive at your new home. You should tell them where to put your boxes. Let them have a walkthrough of your home. This will help them know where they have to put their belongings. Talk to them about the arrangement of your belongings. You can also provide other important information to them.

  • Reach your Home before the Movers

Make sure to reach your new home before the packers and movers. You can take a different route to arrive at the new place. Furthermore, get in touch with them during the relocation process. This will let you know at what time the movers will be arriving at your new home. You can manage your home for the unloading process after reaching there.

  • Clean your New Home

It is best to clean your home one last time before the movers arrive at your place. Look for any garbage in the house and throw it. You can also hire a professional cleaning firm for cleaning your home. You can also ask your friends to help you clean your home.

  • Pay the Movers

Once the unloading process is finished, it’s time to pay your packers and movers. Make sure not to bargain with them while paying them the money. Give them the pre-decided amount. You can also tip the movers for their services.

  • Assemble your Furniture

Assembling your furniture is also a big task for you. You can take photos of the furniture while disassembling them. These photos will help you assemble your furniture at the new home. If you still have problems assembling your furniture, you can get the help of your movers. Your movers can offer you assembling services. But they will charge extra money for the assembling task.


There are various other tasks you have to do on a moving day. It is best to get help from packers and movers to manage the entire tasks on your moving day.

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