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Invisalign Braces for Modern Smile Enhancement

Invisalign is a revolutionary procedure in orthodontic dentistry. It straightens the teeth without making use of conventional metal braces. The cutting-edge technology uses a series of customised clear plastic aligner trays. The aligner trays cover the teeth and gently exert pressure to pull those into proper alignment over a course of time. These braces are made from clear transparent plastic and thus are virtually hidden inside the mouth. The treatment is discreet and thus equally suits adults and teenagers. Moreover unlike traditional braces these clear plastic aligners are easily removable. You can take those out whenever necessary and wear back in time.

The majority of people who are interested in improving their smile only consider the traditional metal braces as the only option to meet their need. But modern orthodontic dentistry has evolved significantly to provide you with the unbelievable advantage of discreet teeth straightening using invisalign. This modern procedure makes no use of metal wires and brackets and yet your teeth get precisely and comfortably aligned in almost half the time that is needed by conventional fixed braces. Thus it is not only a discreet but also an effective solution for misaligned teeth.

What is invisalign composed of?

These clear transparent aligners are made from an especial variety of plastic that is absolutely free from BPA. That is why it offers greater comfort compared to conventional metal braces. These highly customised clear aligner trays are efficient in straightening your teeth to make your smile beautiful. However before you get your series of aligners you have to come down to the practice for a consultation check up with your invisalign provider. During that face to face consultation the expert will thoroughly diagnose your teeth and the gums other than listening to your teeth straightening goals. Based on the information thus collected the expert assesses whether invisalign is the right option for you.

In case it is not found to be the right option, the expert will surely recommend you suitable alternatives, assures one of the best invisalign providers.

Who are these discreet braces for?

These clear plastic braces are equally suitable for both adults and teens. These modern discreet braces prove effective to resolve the following issues –

  • Overbite
  • Under bite
  • Closing gaps between the teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Cross bite and
  • Open bite

If you suffer from any of these problems then invisalign may be the suitable option although you should better get in touch with a nearest invisalign provider to access your candidature.

How the process works

Earlier we have already come across the first and customary check up consultation with your chosen invisalign dentist. If you are assessed to be a prodigal candidate and if you still want to continue with the treatment then the dentist moves on to the nest step of the treatment. The dentist with help from his or her team finishes a series of 3D digital impressions of your teeth, gums and the overall mouth. These digital impressions and images are then sent to the invisalign lab.

Experts at the lab create a precision set of aligner trays based on those digital impressions of your mouth. The number of trays in a given series depends on many factors and is likely to vary. The more severe the misalignment, the longer is the treatment and hence, the greater number of trays in a series. You have to return to the practice a few days later to collect your precision trays.

While utilising this opportunity your dentist will walk you through the process of smile enhancement. You start with the first set of trays in the series. The aligner tray is snapped to your teeth by the dentist along with necessary instructions. You wear each tray for about a couple of weeks and then switch over to the next set of trays in your series. As time passes by you reach the last set of aligners trays in the series. It means your treatment is almost over and your dream smile is almost there in place.

How often you need to visit your invisalign expert?

Invisalign offers you yet another benefit. You do not require to visit your dentist’s office frequently while undergoing the treatment. You have to visit the practice routinely so that the dentist can assess the treatment progress. If small adjustments are to be made, those are made during these routine check-ups. It is unlike traditional braces treatment where your wires and brackets need to be tightened and adjusted pretty frequently. Invisalign patients usually visit their dentists in 6 to 12 weeks and these appointments are easy, hassle-free and fast.

But dentists at the Chatfield Braces Clinic have a word of caution in this context. If you fail to comply with the rules properly, chances are high your treatment will not deliver your expected results. In other words your entire investment flows down the drain. Moreover the treatment will continue longer which will inflate the quoted cost.

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