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Kashmir Great Lakes- The Prettiest Trek of India


Kashmir one of the best places in the world which is worth watching all the beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains covered in snow etc. There is no limitations of the beauty of nature over here that’s why it is also known as “Paradise on Earth” a name worth calling. The climate over her is very cold but yet Infront of such beautiful paradise cold seems nothing. It also contains several beautiful places where the trekking is available and is worth going with family or friends.

The trek is located on 75 km of north east of Srinagar with 360 degrees of panorama of wild, rugged mountain, rolling meadows and turquoise alpine lakes. With this you are going to get more than 7 lakes and valleys to explore. 

The range and altitude of the landscape make it moderate to difficult level of trek which can long from 6 to 8 days. So, it is strictly not for beginner at least only those can go who have some sort of experience of the high altitudes.

Having all the tough times in the way to the spot is really worth it. Every time you see the scenario it looks new to your eyes adding on multiple memories at once. The view you get after many tireless days makes the view even better to your eyes. You will encounter view like milky white ice berg floating on the ink blue surface of the lake which is really a mesmerizing view.

A trip to remember

How can we now forget about the meadows of the Kashmir after talking about the valleys and mountains? You will get to see the meadows in every different colour and size which is really awesome. Some times you will get to encounter many of them. 

On first day, clumps of maple and pine grow like oasis in these meadows. On second day they roll off pass descending to wider valley where horses runs and sheep grazes. On third day just below the Gadsar pass wildflower grows in these wild abandoned meadows. On forth day the grassy plain of satsar looks almost manicured with a twinkling stream guiding through it.

Once after you complete this trek you will feel like every other trek you have been to feels like it is nothing but a normal movie on a small screen as the Kashmir great trek will give you the feeling of IMAX-3D.

If you are planning to go with friend or family member then you must have planned the trip but if you haven not planned yet then don’t worry. I have already planned the best trip way for you.



First if you are living in Srinagar or else in any state first reach Srinagar. After that you will have to go to Shitkadi. It is 80 km from Srinagar with 3-4 hours of journey. Shitkadi is the place of base camp where your health status and condition for you trek will be checked so try to reach on time. The checking and registration process will start at 4pm so if you come before the time if possible then it will help you for sure. 



On day 2 your trek starts. The trek will be from Shitkadi to Nichnai. The distance of the trek is 13.5 km approximately. It will be a duration of about 6.5 – 7 hours based on your stamina levels and durability. As you will be gaining altitude from about 7,780 ft. to 11,838ft. which will be very hard on the beginners. Many of the beginner start feeling fever and get dizzy and will get health issue.

So, it’s better if you have some experience before you travel here. It will be a moderate climb with various land forms from moderate to steep ascent through the maple forest section for about 3 hours. After that you will be following a decent path along the river valley, her you can take rest for a little while to gather your strength again and also having a beautiful view of the valley. The last two hours of the trek will be a easy one to reach the base at Nichnai.



On day 3 your trek will be from Nichnai to Vishnusar. The distance of the trek will be around 13.5 km with the gain in altitude from 11,838 ft to 12,011 ft. It will take you around 7 to 7.5 hours to complete the trek. It will be a moderate walk with one hour of climbing in your way believe me you will enjoy the climbing part. After that it is a decent and a walk till the camp site. You will get nice view of mountains and valley on your way.



On day 4 your trek will be from Vishnusar to Gadsar via Gadsar pass. The distance of the trek will be around 16 km which will take around 7.5 hours to 8 hours to complete the trek. The change in altitude level will be like 12,011 ft to 12,200 ft via 13,850 ft. and in this trek you will initially and gain altitude as you pass by the area of Gadsar pass your altitude will fall till you reach the Gadsar base. It will be a long and easy walk with wide stretch of meadows on your way. You will be witnessing many varieties of meadow on your way along with the beautiful view of mountains and valleys.



On day 5 your trek will be from Gadsar to Satsar. The distance of the trek is about 11.5 km which will take you around 4.5 to 5 hours of walk. There will be a altitude drop from 12,200 ft to 12,100 ft. 


On day 6 your trek will be from Satsar to Gangabal. The distance of the trek is about 9 km which will take around 6-7 hours to complete. The altitude drop will be from 12,100 ft to 11,651 ft. There will be a difficulty od ascending and descending steep all along.



On day 7 your trek will be from Gangabal to Naranag. The distance of trek is 13 km which will take around 6 to 7 hours to complete it. The altitude loss will be from 11,651 ft to 7,450 ft. There will be a nice walk all the way where you will witness a great beauty of the nature in the form of mountains, meadows and lakes all along your way.



On day 8 you will complete you trip and will be. Headed back to Srinagar it will be drive duration of 3 hours. 


Which will be a beautiful memory of your life which will be a one time memory. So I will suggest you to go with your friends and family in order to enjoy the trek along them.

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