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Kedarkantha Trek: The Best Winter Trek


Uttarakhand, is known for being a Dev Bhoomi (abode of Gods) which is blessed with ecstatic  mountains, crystal clear rivers, radiant  flower valleys and magnificent glaciers. The land of Uttarakhand is right in the middle of Himalayan belts which makes it an ideal location for adventure seekers and trekkers. 


It is also home to many underrated trek trails out of which, Kedarkantha Peak is one of them. 

Kedarkantha, often confused with Kedarnath has one of the most beautiful terrains and natural trek trails. Kedarkantha is situated in Singtur Ranges in Uttarkashi district. However, reaching Kedarkantha is a challenge. As for you trekkers, this challenge will be worth the climb!


Kedarkantha peak trek is no less picturesque than the mountains and trails in Himachal Pradesh. There are more than one campsites apart from Kedarkantha. Hence, the facilities like food, water will be sufficient for the trekkers. The nearest one from Kedarkantha is Hargaon campsite and Juda ka Talab campsite. Another alternative to explore is you can start trekking from Jarmola which is just 20kms away from Kedarkantha peak! 


Uttarakhand is filled with lesser known mountains to hike for trekkers. It is also known for its Mountaineering Institutes and preserving endangered wildlife. One of them is Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is located in Purola, Uttarkashi District. Purola is the gateway for the famous ‘Har-ki-Dun’ treks and is surrounded by mountains of this Wildlife Sanctuary. Purola is also well connected by buses from Uttarkashi, Saur-sankri, Dehradun. 


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Meanwhile, in the meantime, you can also enjoy Nag Tibba Trek.


How to reach?

This article will be providing the best possible ways to reach Kedarkantha for our fellow trekkers from all over India! 

From Musoorie

Kedarkantha and Sankri village is approximately 155 kms away from Mussoorie. You can picl a local or private transport service or can start hiking from there. 

From Delhi

For the trekkers coming from Delhi, there are multiple ways to reach their destination. Delhi is located around 267 kms away from Dehradun. Roadtrip enthusiasts can opt for a car or motorbike to reach. There are also numerous buses which provide Delhi-Mussoorie/Dehradun trips. Don’t let the carsickness scare you, there is an alternative option for you peeps! Train services for such short distances also known as Shatabdi are available for you! Most of the trains take you to Dehradun and Nanda Devi stations. 


From Mumbai

Moving further towards the southwest, Mumbaikar trekkers can opt for train, airways as the distance between these cities is vast. The railway provides trains departing from Mumbai Central and Bandra Terminus to Haridwar and Dehradun railway station.


From Uttar Pradesh

The plains of Uttar Pradesh are located towards the south of Uttarakhand. This will be an overnight train journey. Airways is also an alternative though travelling by air at such a short distance may feel expensive. 


From Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh, another neighbouring state of Uttarakhand is a neighbour from the west. There are more than two ways to travel between these places. The first is via train, where one can embark their journey from Pathankot Cantt. which is the nearest railway station situated right on the Punjab-Himachal Pradesh border. There are special trains for people travelling for religious purposes to Haridwar, Roorkee, Dehradun. The buses which leave for Pathankot from Chandigarh. One may need to transfer buses from Chandigarh to reach Dehradun.


From Dehradun 

The distance between Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand and Kedarkantha Base Camp  is 175 kms if one wishes to hike. On the other hand, Mussoorie is 152kms on foot. Sankri is set 1.6 kms away from Kedarkantha Base camp. One can enjoy Tourist Village Moutad which is in close vicinity to Mori village. This is an eco-lodge built by the local people for tourists. 


Things to Carry


  • Clothing (Pants, shirt, sweater, innerwear), boots, socks, with extra pair, Poncho/water resistant  windcheater, hat, cap, gloves.
  • Sleeping Bags, ground sheet, toiletries, camera, whistle.
  • Tents, repair kit, food, cooking accessories, stove, fuel and pots, binoculars.

Additional information

Har Ki Dun possesses an important status among Hindu worshippers. During this trek, you can visit and see the  beautifully carved  temple dedicated to Duryodhana, a Kaurava Prince. This trek falls within the area of Govind wildlife sanctuary which increases chances to counter wildlife. It is 11km from Osla and 5km trek away from Jaundar Glaciers. There are fine views of the valley, scrub-covered slopes, meadows and forests. 



To conclude, Uttarakhand is a hidden gem for trekkers filled with underrated snow capped mountain peaks and immense wildlife. It’s unparalleled importance as a pilgrim centre has cast a shadow on its untouched valleys and mountains like Kedarkantha Peak. If seen carefully, Uttarakhand might just be the place for novice trekkers in the Himalaya.

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