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Know The 5 Crucial Weave Hair Tips

Weave Hair Extensions are the solution to a lot of women’s beauty dilemmas. Having full, long, and shiny locks, curly, or even straight hair in a matter of hours which you might have thought was impossible to achieve, is now possible! Hair extensions are flexible and convenient, and you can choose to wear them daily or during special occasions. Best of all, you can try any color and cut without damaging your natural hair.

1. Invest in high-quality hair

Artificial hair extensions that are cheap can harm your natural hair and irritate your scalp. Human hair extensions of Indian quality that have never been processed with harsh chemicals and with intact hair cuticles are most women desired hair extensions. Please ensure you thoroughly inspect the hair and wash it before using it to ensure no insects are hiding in the wefts that could cause damage or irritation to your natural hair follicles.

2. Avoiding bonded weaves

Bonded weaves bind the extensions to your scalp with bonding glue. Because the natural hair can’t breathe, bonding suffocates the scalp and causes breaking from the roots.

3. Make a change

Because your scalp needs to breathe, you should only wear weaves for 4-6 weeks at a time! Wearing the same weave style without washing for longer than the period can lead to unhygienic conditions and hair loss.

4. Take good care of your natural hair

Since traction alopecia can develop from ignorance the hair problems, it’s critical to deep condition natural hair before wearing a weave to your natural hair. Because of how the afro hair grows, getting an Afro hair transplant is nearly impossible.

5. Remember to take care of your scalp as well

Wrap your hair in a silk scarf before bed, sports, or any activity that makes you sweat, and make sure to wash and dry if you sweat a lot. Also, as much as possible, use deep conditioners and scalp treatments on your natural hair, allowing your scalp to breathe.



a. Quality Hair Extensions

Women sometimes choose the cheapest deal, but many are unaware that cheap hair is frequently comprised of inferior ingredients, resulting in itchy scalps and other allergic reactions. Irritated scalps can stifle hair growth or, in the worst-case scenario, result in hair loss. It is preferable to choose 100 percent human hair extensions if you want your extensions to last a long period. India hair international (IHI) The reputed Indian hair store carries virgin-grade hair extensions that will look natural on you and be styled and curled without sacrificing quality.

b. Choose Your Hair Stylist

It’s crucial to have your hair extensions done correctly and get the right extensions. Poor installation and upkeep will cause your extensions to wear out quicker than they should and cause your hair to be thin, dry, and break out. Consult with hair specialists or conduct extensive study to learn the essentials of wearing and caring for extensions. If you’re going to wear a weave, make sure to find extensions that closely match your hair’s natural curl pattern.Excessive heating and pulling of your hair will be eased with proper installation.



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