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Learn Why Chimney Waterproofing is a Must

A chimney, like a car, requires regular servicing and maintenance to function correctly. Unfortunately, chimneys are an architectural aspect that is frequently overlooked. The front porch, driveway, and yard receive all the attention, but the fireplace and chimney are also essential components of any home that must be maintained.

A fireplace is listed as a must-have amenity in many real estate resources. Chimneys, despite their seemingly simple shape, are highly complicated structures. They are critical to the fireplace’s effectiveness and the home’s security. Poor maintenance can even result in fire hazards. If potential buyers place a high value on having a fireplace, it’s only fair to treat the chimney with the same care and attention.

Since chimneys are part of a home’s exterior, they must withstand everything the four seasons offer, from heavy rain to snowstorms and even hail. Too much moisture weakens the chimney and can cost thousands of dollars to repair and rebuild.

If you’ve been ignoring your routine fireplace and chimney cleaning for too long, now is the time to hire a professional chimney service and have it inspected.

What Makes Chimneys Vulnerable?

The majority of chimneys are made of bricks or stones that have been bound together with mortar. When it comes to the exterior of your home, moisture is like kryptonite. A chimney, like any other building, is vulnerable to the destructive power of water if left unattended for an extended period.

Because clay is the primary component of bricks, it is a malleable and easily porous substance. A waterproof, hard exterior covering is baked into the production process to prevent bricks from collecting moisture. However, the outer layer of the bricks may disintegrate after prolonged exposure to high temperatures, wind, rain, and snow.

Without sufficient waterproofing, the chimney’s bricks would absorb water like a sponge, eventually causing breaches large enough for water to enter the flue and cause structural damage.

A cottage's rooftop covered in snow

Weakened Mortar Joints

Too much moisture can cause mortar to deteriorate. If nothing is done, this will eventually melt away, leaving massive cracks in the brickwork or stone masonry through which water can enter the chimney. In addition, the chimney’s weight might cause the foundation to shift, which can cause the chimney to tilt.

In addition to leaks, chimney separation from the flashing material on the roof can cause structural damage. Waterproofing is recommended to prevent this from happening.

Experts fixing a damaged roof of a house

How Does Chimney Waterproofing Work?

When water tries to enter the chimney, it is repelled by a coating of waterproofing material.

Chimneys absorb water because their brick material is porous, allowing water to accumulate. Several chimney-safe waterproofing formulations are available to keep moisture out of the chimney while smoke and pollutants are released into the atmosphere.

Experts in masonry and chimneys will know how to apply the waterproofing compound properly. The formula is typically sprayed over the chimney. The upper section is sprayed multiple times because it is most susceptible to moisture. More effort will be needed to withstand all types of precipitation.

Things to Consider Before Waterproofing a Chimney

Before waterproofing a chimney, some measures should be considered. A homeowner should thoroughly clean the chimney to eliminate any stains on the surface or around it, such as efflorescence, rust, mold, residue, or creosote.

The next step should be to get a chimney inspection to determine the extent of any cracks or missing brick repairs. Tuckpointing is typically required to fix cracks and replace deteriorating masonry before chimneys may be waterproofed.

Hiring a professional is highly recommended since they know how to identify potential concerns and risks that an unskilled individual may overlook.

Houses with similar exterior design and paint

Are You in Need of an Expert Chimney Rebuilding in Connecticut?

It’s tempting to put off dealing with home maintenance issues hoping they’ll go away on their own. However, if you value your home and family’s safety, you cannot disregard chimney problems.

Creative Masonry & Chimney is the company to contact in Connecticut if you need expert chimney services. For all problems related to chimneys and fireplaces, contact them. Their services include chimney sweeping, cleaning, repairing, repointing, capping, and covering chimneys.

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