Looking For Perfect Places To Take Out Your Family In Karachi? Read This

Most of us struggle to find enough time to get out with friends or spend time with our families because of our busy schedules. In actuality, family outings are increasingly uncommon. We all make last-minute plans for dinner or movies, but how many of us actually arrange a formal family outing over the weekend?

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So, if you’re one of those folks who hasn’t gone out with your family in a while, check out our list of the top family-friendly destinations in Karachi and decide where you’re heading this weekend.


Here is a list of the top attractions in Karachi for families to visit, along with information on where they are and when they are open.


One of Karachi’s main tourist attractions is the beautiful white mausoleum that towers over M.A. Jinnah Road.

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The major tourist destination in Karachi is Mazar-e-Quaid, the most prominent and historically significant site in the entire nation. The immaculate white mausoleum that houses Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the country of Pakistan’s founder, is situated on M.A. Jinnah Road and serves as his final resting place.

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Other historical individuals buried there include Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar, Liaquat Ali Khan, and Fatima Jinnah.


Port Grand is a well-liked entertainment area in Karachi and one of the best spots to come at night. Among other tourist attractions, it has a shopping centre with worldwide standards and a large culinary strip. The expansive waterfront dining and entertainment complex, which attracts an estimated 4,000 to 5,000 visitors daily. It is among the most popular destinations in Karachi for family outings.

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In Karachi, Port Grand has everything for everyone. This magnificent tourist destination offers several outstanding amenities, some of which include a 6D movie theatre, karaoke machines, indoor and outdoor art galleries, a circus, an amusement park, palm reading services, boating facilities, and much more. Additionally, Port Grand hosts cultural performances and exhibitions throughout the year in addition to concerts with well-known local and worldwide musicians.


A wonderful site to spend the day with kids is the PAF Museum.

One of the top places to take a family in Karachi is the Pakistan Air Museum, or PAF Museum. The main Shahrah-e-Faisal provides easy access to this museum by public transit. It is also one of the most well-liked locations in the city for educational field trips for students.

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The PAF Museum was officially opened on August 14, 1997, although it wasn’t until October that year that it was accessible to the general public.

Quaid-e-aircraft, Azam’s a big convention centre, a gift shop, an auditorium, cafeteria and restaurants, an amusement park, and a space reserved for summer festivals and other events are just a few of the museum’s major draws.


Additionally, the Maritime Museum offers tours of a submarine and a naval aircraft.

The Pakistan Maritime Museum is another well-liked family attraction in Karachi. While the picturesque murals and exhibits inside the main museum building allow kids to learn more about the history of their country, the beautiful green grass and several other attractions make it an aesthetically pleasing leisure area.

The naval museum, which is next to PNS Karsaz, includes an auditorium, a community centre, a man-made lake, a lighthouse, an auditorium, a restaurant, aquariums, a library, a children’s play area, a prayer place, and many other amenities.

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Six distinct galleries are housed in the museum’s main structure, including one that features a massive whale skeleton amid other military artefacts, sculptures, murals, taxidermy, firearms, and touch-screen computers.


Take a stroll in Sea View to relax your body and mind.

What other location could there be to spend a day off than the beach?

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In Karachi, Clifton Beach, also referred to as Sea View, is one of the most well-liked locations for family picnics. After a stressful week, Sea View in Clifton’s affluent neighbourhood is the ideal location to unwind. To enjoy the magnificent scenery, you may just stroll down the beach, cool your feet in the ocean, or sit on the stairs. Along with the specially designed refreshment centres for beachgoers, there are also quite a few restaurants nearby.

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The biggest park in Karachi, Bagh Ibne Qasim, is situated in Clifton.

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Although Karachi has several of family parks, Bagh Ibne Qasim in Clifton tops the list as one of the city’s best kid-friendly locations. It is also Karachi’s biggest park, with a total area of about 130 acres. Along with other attractions, it has dinosaur murals, a rose garden, and a turtle pond.


One of Karachi’s top places for a picnic is Turtle Beach.

Nothing is more reviving than looking out at the deep blue ocean. The tranquil Turtle Beach is undoubtedly the best place to have a picnic in Karachi among all the amazing beaches.

Olive Ridley Turtles and Green Sea Turtles use this lovely sandy beach, which has no rocks or reefs, as a nesting area. However, during the day, turtles are nowhere to be seen close to the beach.


Day and Night Zoo, popularly known as Danzoo, is a fantastic spot for a family adventure in Karachi and is situated in Bahria Town. It was opened in May 2018 and is Pakistan’s first zoo to meet international standards. Numerous exotic animals are housed at Danzoo, which also provides a variety of family-friendly entertainment options. Additionally, it provides unique day and night safari excursions.


The newest tourist destination for Karachi locals is Manora Beachfront.

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The recently opened Manora Beachfront is a sight to behold. In contrast to the setting sun, the spotless sand beaches and chilly blue waters make for a breathtaking scene. This captivating beach is next to the well-known Sands Pit Beach. No matter where you live in Karachi, you can simply access Maripur Road via the Lyari Expressway, then continue driving to Kaka Pir before arriving at the Manora Cantonment Area.


Don’t forget to visit Taleemi Bagh in Karachi, where there is a wonderful park with a dinosaur theme.

The renovated Taleemi Bagh is conveniently accessible to residents of Federal B Area, Azizabad, North Nazimabad, or Gulshan-e-Iqbal with their families. An amusement park, a haunted house with a nun theme, a little zoo, and a lush green park that has long been a favourite destination in the neighbourhood can all be found there. Also anticipated to open soon is a boating area.


The magnificent Mohatta Palace is one of the top places to go in Karachi with family. If you have a passion for history or want to explore some historical monuments in the city.

The grand house in Clifton, which was formerly the summer home of a successful Hindu businessman, now serves as the city’s centre for cultural events. You can spend a special day with family and friends at Bahria Adventure Land if you enjoy amusement parks.

You can also arrange a trip to Karachi Zoo, which is situated on Nishtar Road in Garden East, if Danzoo seems like too much of a drive. The zoo, which was founded in 1878, is home to about 800 animals.With an entrance cost of only PKR 30, Karachi is an affordable choice for a family outing.

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